Atlas & I

The Brief

Atlas & I are a bespoke gift and homeware brand, with each product made to order here in the UK. Their products range from passport holders and keyrings to ceramic tiles and armchairs, each custom designed with the vintage map location of your choice.

Atlas & I came to us with an existing WordPress site and e-commerce plug-in, but the functionality was limited and resulted in the design process causing long lead times on product orders. The main disadvantage was the inability for customers to visualise the product as it would be received, our own CMS, Apteve, allowed us the flexibility to build a bespoke system with unique functionality to improve user experience and the overall efficiency of the sales process.

More specifically, the objective was to build a bespoke new website with a smooth customer journey and a simple ordering system that allowed bespoke products to be previewed with their selected map overlaid.

The Solution

We engineered a major redesign of the site to ensure it is easy to navigate, locate products, and configure them to the user’s specification. The result of this work can be seen on the product pages where it is now possible to preview the products exactly as the customer could order them. To achieve this result we worked with cartography suppliers to access vintage maps in digital form and integrated with a third-party GIS specialist to achieve the geo-reference functionality, accurately matching up towns and postcodes with the correct coordinates of the sourced antique maps.

Once a map has been chosen it can be moved around and adjusted on each item, enabling the customer to visualise the finished product and customise it to their exact specification.

Based on the customer's choice from product to product they have the ability to layer silhouette artwork to create something really unique. To ensure the silhouette isn’t covering any important elements or features of the map, users need to see exactly how the finished product will look and where the silhouette will be printed in relation to the map’s features.

Once the correct map has been chosen it can be adjusted to fit the product to the customer's exact specification, by using the drag and zoom features available in the product customisation area. This element is crucial to the ordering process as it uses the map coordinates and mathematical calculations to ensure product looks exactly as the user is expecting, down to the correct resolution and dimensions. These details are then passed onto the bespoke ordering system to ensure accurate manufacturing of the product.

David, Head of Development & Liam, Head of Design
"Building a product which not only gives users an enhanced buying experience but also revolutionises the way the client processes orders has been a challenging but rewarding accomplishment. We are all very excited to see what the new website can achieve as part of a new partnership between Venn Digital and Atlas & I." - Nick Earley, Project Manager

The Result

The transformation of this site has significantly impacted the efficiency of Atlas & I. Previously, confirming the map to be printed was a manual process that could take days of communication to finalise, before the product can even go into production. Now, this is all finalised at the point of purchase, thereby drastically reducing order lead times and improving the customer experience. Alongside this, the administration area for order management and processing was completely rebuilt and customised to their specification. This allowed Atlas & I to maximise efficiency through all aspects of the order process.

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