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It looks like 2012 was the year for one billion. Digital media sales surpassed the one billion mark, Facebook hit one billion users and Korea’s first international pop sensation Psy became the most viewed video in YouTube history with Gangnam style receiving over 1 billion views. But it wasn’t all about the figures, 2012 saw a number of trends that had been bubbling away over the years, come into fruition.

With this in mind, we’ve decided to take a look back at a great year for digital and give a nod to those trends that have begun to evolve our digital landscape further. First on our list is integration:

Integrated audiences

The word integration is increasingly becoming a buzzword used so frequently by marketers that it’s beginning to lose its meaning. It’s a point of delivery that brands are desperate to achieve, yet few actually achieve true integration and many are just scratching the surface. At the beginning of 2012, a survey revealed that only 39% of consumers felt that they receive integrated communications from brands and they’re desperate to be engaged in this way more, with 72% hankering for integrated marketing communications.

Making connections

However, this inability to reach true integration isn’t down to a lack of trying - integration is happening too quickly for brands. Consumers have a multitude of mechanism choices to connect with each other at their fingertips; yet brands themselves have a greater task ahead of them to develop, maintain and measure the success of the multiple touch-points needed to meet those connections.

Social TV

Throughout 2012 we began to see developments that would further enable this transition for brands with smart TV’s hitting the mainstream. Although in the pipeline for some time with higher spec models being introduced prior to 2012, it was last year that we saw ‘connected TVs’ dominate the market over predecessors with over £2.5bn in sales predicted for the Christmas period.


Complemented by the rise of live social interactions via the like of Twitter in tandem with big hitting TV show such as The X-Factor and on-demand TV, this is just one of the developments that have begun to further galvanise brands to think about integrating and unifying their message across the different platforms.

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