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When it comes to releasing a new product, a manufacturer usually goes through the motions of a bit of advertising, posters and a mention on Twitter. Aston Martin, however, went a little further than that and it’s more than paid off.

The penultimate week of June saw the luxury car brand lift the wraps off of their DBS replacement, the Vanquish and the new GT supercar has been breaking records, as well as leaving thousands drooling at their keyboards.

Aston made sure they were going to push the boat out for this launch and they didn’t disappoint. The marque put in three days of intense social media action, mainly through Twitter, as well as few extras and the results were astounding.

Over 20, 21 and 22 June, Aston saw increases on their site from UK users of 162% against the same time the previous week, whilst visitors from Germany spiked by a massive 216%, there was even a 102% increase in users from over the pond in the US. In China – where Aston are still growing as a brand – there was a rise of 81%. All of that combined meant that the manufacturer incurred three days of the site’s highest traffic figures in its history.

This was all a result of various elements as part of a complete marketing package, including frenzied Twitter activity that pushed out a constant stream of fresh content for their followers to enjoy and varied from a mixture of pictures, video and general information about the car. The hashtag ‘#Vanquish’ was trending in the UK for the whole of the first day, and even briefly in the US.

Aston’s YouTube channel has also taken its fair share of visitors since the car’s reveal, the video made solely for the Vanquish racked up views of nearly 210,000 after just over a week of going live and ranks as second highest in terms of views amongst 150 other entries.

Using that other social media tool, Facebook, the English based manufacturer released one picture for each day of the car’s release program, with the third and final image of the vehicle quickly becoming their most popular after attaining over 25,000 ‘likes’.

The piece de resistance, however, was Aston’s configurator for the Vanquish that had fans of the car entertained for hours as they created their perfect incarnation of the sports car in digital form. Aston then went on to parade the results through their Twitter channel to show what their fans had been making and what others had been missing out on.

For a luxury car marque to take the public by storm like this is slightly unprecedented, surely no more than 5% of the individuals taking a look at the Vanquish will even have been able to afford the car, yet, because of the marketing bombshell Aston induced on the world, every petrolhead and admirer seemed to get involved and perhaps there are some out there that could do well to learn from it.

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