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What is CRO?

The term “CRO” gets thrown around a lot when people talk about marketing and lead generation, and for good reason.

CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation can be a game changer for any digital campaign and for any traffic to your site in general.

CRO is the method of analysing your landing pages performance, focusing on analysing your current conversion rate. After scrutinising your websites pages you can then begin to focus on improving your conversion rates through on-site A/B testing.

In terms of a potential test, if you have a call back form as your main capture point you can look at testing number of fields i.e. 3 (Name, Phone number, Email) vs 4 (Name, Phone number, Email, Company)  as this makes the conversion process easier for a user.

The results of any tests should deliver a final verdict as to whether the adjustments made on site have improved your conversion rate or not, and from there you can continue testing.

There are endless tests you can perform, from changing the number of capture fields down to changing a buttons colour. Ideally you would always improve your conversion rate, however you shouldn’t be afraid of a slight decrease as it gives you key learnings to move forward with.

So why is CRO important?

Ensuring your landing and Goal convert is huge for your clients or business. If you are sending large amounts of traffic to a page that isn’t converting then you are just wasting budget.

The main aim is for your pages to serve their purpose as quickly as possible. This means that users should have no barriers or hurdles stopping them from converting.

 An underrated by-product of CRO is that if you have an easy conversion process you can potentially improve that customer’s lifetime value. If they know they can get the product or answer they are looking for with ease they may choose your brand over competitors they are unfamiliar with. Meaning that the one click that converted could turn into further conversions for either a reduced cost via remarketing or for free of they come direct or by an organic search.

For the most part, more spend does not equal more conversions. Spending more on digital marketing activity isn’t always the answer to increasing conversion volume. Making small increments in your conversion rate can result in an overall sizeable increase in conversions.

Below is an example of how improving your conversion rate in a perfect world can affect your conversion volume and cost per conversion KPI’s.







Conv. Rate

Cost Per Conv.








CRO Magic








Using the above you can see that a 5% increase in conversion rate has resulted in 5 extra conversions and a decrease in cost per conversion. While these are not huge changes, you can begin to see how Conversion Rate Optimisation over time can really make a huge difference.

Like what’s been said? Want more than just an extra 5 conversions? Tired of these questions? Well the good part of CRO is that it never ends. There’s no limit to the improvements you can make to the conversion process. Just keep testing and analysing what works and what doesn’t.

"Conversion Rate Optimisation can often create a field of dreams and if you build it, they will convert." LJ, Venn Digital



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