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Remember when billboards and print ads used to be loaded with text? Or when radio adverts used to read like they were lifted straight from long form copy? Luckily, most of us have learnt that audiences change and what works well for one medium may not work for another, but from time to time we still use the wrong content on the right channels.

Youtube recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary and Nike has celebrated by remastering their ‘Nike Football Presents: Ronaldinho Crossbar’ advert – the first video on Youtube to break 1 million views, beating both music videos and cute cats to the punch. Nike did this by creating content that not only made people want to watch an advert, but also represented the brand.

Nike has been heralded by Youtube’s Chief Executive, Susan Wojcicki as one of the first brands to break the norm and create something that truly grabbed people’s attention. The ad didn’t discuss the materials of the boots, or even directly sell anything, it just showed Ronaldinho being...Ronaldinho.

The remastered video has already reached over 1,250,000 views and Nike have managed to repurpose their success to once again market their limited edition boots to new users who may have missed the original advert 10 years ago – never mind those who are returning to reminisce.

Nike’s Ronaldinho advert lasted almost three minutes, but they aren’t afraid of longer videos either.  The full length version of their 2014 World Cup cartoon ‘The Last Game’ has nearly reached 90 million views, not bad for what’s essentially a five minute promotion.

YouTube and TV may both be video formats, but that doesn’t mean the same 15-30 second ad format works for both. Youtube has over 1 billion users a month and the creative possibilities need to be explored if you don’t want your ad to be skipped after 5 seconds.

Brands are trying harder than ever to come up with innovative content and win over millennials. Those who contribute to communities on Reddit and share memes through Facebook are among today’s most valued target audiences. Marketers are battling it out for the attention of the new generation, but they may not give your brand any attention at all unless you stand out on the channels they frequent.

Remember – new channels and new generations demand new thinking.

The key to winning over millennials is creativity. That Twitter post which was nothing more than a call to action isn’t going to win them over. In today’s market, your posts need to be relevant and engaging. While you still may be simply looking for people to click your links, just stating that isn’t enough. Instead you need to entertain, amuse and inform. You need to develop the relationships that will lead to brand loyalty.

Oreo’s Twitter account is a prime example of how to build a constant audience, with over 760,000 followers they’re frequently tweeting about major announcements with a speed that keeps the posts relevant. When NASA announced that they’d discovered water on Mars, Oreo were quick to respond with a tweet featuring their own artwork.

This was reminiscent of one of the most famous adverts of recent times, also produced by Oreo. Back in 2013, the Superbowl suffered a power cut and Oreo responded in seconds with a tweet that gathered over 15,000 retweets.

It’s not just the digital world where brands are starting to step up their efforts. McDonald’s decided to scrap the idea of a billboard or bus stop poster filled corner to corner and went for a minimalist approach, placing a few emoji in order to appeal to those who fluently speak the UK’s second fastest growing language.

McDonald’s ‘Good Times’ campaign showcased a new way to tell a story and, despite making it into the news mainly on the back of some vandalism (any PR is good PR right?), the theme has caught on. Chevrolet also jumped on the emoji bandwagon sending out an entire press release in the language. The reason? Well their Head of Marketing explained:

“Because emoji is international in its adoption, we wanted to have fun and be irreverent with our audience."

Sure, when approaching Youtube’s marketing you may want to keep the video short and to the point just like a TV advert and when you approach a billboard, you want to make sure to use all the available space. But what if you didn’t? What if you produce something different, something that demands attention?

Variety is the cumin of life and with each new way to market your brand, comes a seemingly endless amount of ways to effectively use it. It’s up to you to find the way that’s most effective for your brand.

Creative Commons Image: Danzil Raines

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