Event: The Digital Disruption Series #1

On Wednesday April 11th @ UK Fast, Manchester, we're excited to bring you the first in a series of events throughout 2018 that are aimed at helping you recognise, plan for, adapt to and ultimately, benefit from digital disruption.

Event 1: Digital Disruption in Manufacturing and FMCG 

So what is Digital Disruption?

The word 'disruption' is misleading, as it's only a negative process if you fail to embrace the unstoppable force that is digital (Toys R Us, BHS, Kodak, Blockbuster). However change drives innovation, allowing you to differentiate from your competition and give added value to your customers.

Our first in the series looks at Manufacturing and FMCG and how digital can enhance the B2B2C process from the minute your product leaves the factory to the moment of purchase by the end user. To be a real success in an age of digital disruption, you need to make sure your approach is end-to-end.

Ask yourself:

Are you harnessing digital in the right places to ensure maximum efficiencies with your stockists and do you have a brand that consumers buy into?

With 64% of companies seeing digital innovation and change as their biggest challenge over the next decade and 59% of companies remaining at a “digital impasse” – there has never been a better time to evaluate your options and turn a perceived threat into a potential opportunity.

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