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It’s predicted that by 2020, more than half of the UK workforce will be made up of millennials. This is the generation that redefined what it means to have a career, with work no longer being just about making money.

Millennials also grew up and joined the workforce at a time of great technological development, making them increasingly skilled in communications, media and digital technology.

But this new generation has brought with it new challenges for employers and hiring professionals, with many companies wondering how they can appeal to this cohort of workers.

With most individuals starting their job search online, here are some top tips for harnessing the power of digital, to attract millennial talent into your workforce.  

Content creation

In order to attract millennials, you need to build a strong brand for your business. How? Well, there’s a number of ways to do this by embracing all the digital channels at your exposure.

Firstly, focus on producing engaging content for your blog or website. This can be advice, news, insights – anything that is going to add value to their lives and position you as leaders in your field. This will also contribute to building your employer brand.

You should also share this content across social media. After all, it’s important to have a good presence on at least one or two popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. In fact, data from CV-Library found that 44.9% of millennials said they’re more likely to trust a company with a strong social media presence.

Consider how much time these professionals spend online browsing news sites, social media, blogs etc. You need to make sure your content is out there and is being seen by the right people.

Instant gratification

With almost everything we need available at the push of a button, millennials are used to getting results almost instantly.

As such, it could be worth investing in instant messaging systems for your careers website or ensuring someone is on hand to connect with them through social media.

Instant gratification is key here. Pop up chat windows, FAQs and great service can be the perfect way to position yourself as an industry leader and an employer of choice.

Millennials don’t just browse the web when they’re sat at their desk. Smartphones mean that they’re always plugged in and switched on.

As such, it’s vital that you make sure you have a great website that is optimised for mobile and if applicable, an app that also helps to represent and boost your brand. Targeting millennials on the move and on their smartphones or tablets it vital.  

Encouraging interaction

Gamification is increasingly finding its way into different aspects of our lives. Millennials are all about experiences, so encourage them to actively engage with your brand through interactive websites and apps.

Keep them coming back to you by using visually stimulating content – especially within your recruitment process. Gamification is becoming increasingly popular when recruiting, so keep this in mind when setting out your hiring strategy.

You can also use social media to boost engagement and interaction with millennial talent. Running competitions, choosing iconic imagery and posting engaging copy will help to encourage users to share your content online.

So if you want to extend your reach and drive more traffic to your business, use this advice to get your brand in front of as many talented millennials as possible.

How harnessing the power of digital can help to attract millennials

Let’s take a quick moment to recap. By producing and sharing strong content online, you can boost your brand presence and position yourself as an industry leader. In turn, this will help to strengthen your employer brand, positioning your company as an exciting place to work.

Using digital is all about creating a great experience for millennials. Essentially, you want them to continue to engage with your company online. This can be done through blogging, gamification, social media and by giving them instant gratification.

It might sound like a lot of work – but make the most of the technology available to you and you’ll soon find you’re attracting talented millennials into your business. 

Article in partnership with CV-Library.

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