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So you have had 10,000 hits on your website? Congratulations - no really, well done. However would you give me praise for having a pair of brand new running trainers sat in the box in my wardrobe?  - No. But if I used these trainers to run a marathon then you may well say “well done.” The point is, if those visitors are not engaging, converting or adding any value to your business then you may as well not have them – just like I might as well not have the trainers if I'm not going to use them.

Expert insight

Although I have applied my own analogy, the point was influenced by Jim Sterne ’s keynote speech at SMX London. The founder of the Summit & Digital Analytics Association and esteemed author, explained that in order to judge the success of campaigns and succeed, be it with SEO, PPC or social, you need to understand what the problem you are trying to overcome is and have clear definitions about what you are looking to achieve.

Often the primary objective or problem to tackle is “how do I make money and lots of it?”

Of course this is all relative and specific to each individual brand or business, but regardless of your objectives and what they entail, they need to be determined from the off.

From understanding the business goals you can start to put together a strategy of how you are going to increase revenue, perhaps through increased job applications if you are dealing with a recruitment website and make money by keeping the cost per conversion down. With the business goals defined and your objectives set you are now in a position to start looking at reporting.

How to report – the pops and drops

The numbers are fuzzy. I know that is hard to deal with but unfortunately that is just the way of life – measuring success is not about bean counting. It is often about the pops and drops. It is about looking at the highs and lows of a campaign and seeing if you can repeat the highs or stop the lows from occurring again.

Moving forward – the perfect customer

You know your customers or do you? Look at your customer base and separate those into the high value, medium value and low value. Now make sure you keep an eye on those high value customers and ensure their happiness. Forget about the low value customers. Now we have that out of the way we can concentrate on converting those medium value customers into high value. By focusing your efforts on a specific part of your customer base you are going to be able to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

So, there you have it - a few nuggets of a digital insight to get you on your way. Alternatively, if this all seems like a little too much hard work, then get in touch.

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