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Driving increasing amounts of traffic to a site is one of the fundamental results of good SEO. As an agency, we employ varying strategies, both on and off-site, in order to make this happen, and whilst some work better than others, there are a few that should always be part of a site’s approach to SEO.

One of these, is on-page blogging.

Whilst guest blogging is done away from the site in order to directly increase rankings in Google’s search engine, on-page blogging is there for a number of benefits. Here’s a run-down…

Getting Google to notice you

Google, and all search engines for that matter, absolutely love fresh content. You can almost envisage it like a Looney Tunes’ cartoon, with the loveable feline or canine character getting a whiff of a freshly-baked pie on a window-sill and levitating towards it. In the case of SEO, Google drifts towards websites that make an effort to consistently update with brand new, original content. It will crawl these sites much more often than those that have domains gathering dust with old, out of date pages.

Blogging is the easiest way to ensure that the latter isn’t applicable to your site and instead keeps Google interested enough to keep a keen eye on your activity.

Reining in the traffic

A blog article can be seen as any other piece of content that you want people (and Google) to notice; therefore it needs to be just as informative and as optimised as any other important page on site.

As a result, you need to ensure that posts are engaging, interesting, relevant to your readers and have the right keyword focus to bring in desirable levels of traffic. With all this in place, Google will rank the post high in the SERPs; it will catch the eyes of the appropriate readership and as a whole, get people interested in your site.

Those who might want to take the risk of being controversial or go against the popular opinions may also reap the rewards of increased traffic, but this is a method that could also upset those with heated beliefs which may lead to a backfire. The choice is yours on this one.

Lending a hand to link building

Creating something stimulating and appealing to read will only get people interested in your content, perhaps interested enough to want their own readers know about it. As a result, you may find that other websites are willing to link out to your blog piece, and there you have it, another backlink to your domain, and you didn’t even have to bother anyone for it.

Social media will also play its part in all this, as people will happily distribute anything they deem intriguing enough, which again, will likely lead to some more natural link building.

Internal affairs

For site structure and helping out with elements such as page rank, internal linking is vital and there’s no bigger opportunity for implementing this than in the blog area. Using consistent strings of new content, you can link internally to your heart’s content, not only helping out with Google finding your pages, but also so your visitors can do the same, and it is important to remember how valuable user experience is.

In regards to Google, internal linking tells the search engine what pages you class as the highest priority, as well as informing it what pages are technically related to another. This practice adds value and meaning to those pages.

An active site is a healthy site

Frequent evidence that a site is staying active usually sees it rank higher, as Google will make a bigger effort to see what’s going on. Therefore, having constant, fresh content going up that gets people taking, commenting and sharing will create a sense of community on-site and keep Google enthusiastic about your site.

Write about topics that people will have a strong opinion about and will want to involve themselves with in order to have their own say on the matter. Keep the fire burning by carrying on the conversation, either in the comments section or on social media, reply to the people that both agree and disagree with what you’re trying to say in order to back up your beliefs.

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