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The 24th of March brought my first year of managing Venn Digital’s blog to a close. In this time I edited and published articles on everything from nostalgia and dark social to Red Nose Day. During this period we uploaded 60 posts and saw an eight times increase in blog traffic compared to the year before.

You read that right first time. Eight times. I’m not kidding, take a look.

A year on year comparison graph of Venn's blog traffic

In fact, our blog contributed to 18% of our total site traffic in the above period. A cynic may suggest this unlabelled graph could have been based on any data source, but you’ll just have to trust me. I wouldn’t lie to you. Not about the blog.

I believe there are several factors that have contributed to this growth. The main of these were getting buy in (starting with ourselves) and being consistent without shying away from variety. I recently put together a post about these methods and more, so follow the link to Infusionsoft’s blog if you want to read about this.

Whether you’ve been an avid reader during the last year, have just dropped in from time to time or were checking our blog before it was cool, I’m here to say thank you. I’ll be using the rest of this space to look back over the last twelve months, so I hope you accept my gratitude in the form of a recap of my favourite posts.

March of the Penguin Algorithm

A special mention must go to the first blog I worked on as editor. Following three posts and a lot of dead air in the five months that preceded it, this blog represented a new push. While it performed at a level we’ve long since overtaken, it still had more visits than the majority of the blogs we posted in 2013. The handsome penguin (Cheers for the photo, Enna) is welcome any time.

Rebooting Brand Britain

Do you remember the Scottish independence referendum? Due to the fervent campaigning of Paul, our very own patriotic Scot, we couldn’t avoid it. Geoff and Liam from the Design team decided to take on the brief of creating a new Union Flag in the event of independence. It didn’t happen in the end, but that doesn’t mean it never will. Take a look and choose your favourite.

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2015

This collaborative project between the Paid and Organic search departments was executed perfectly. We were able to round up predictions from internal and external experts, some of which are already happening as you read this sentence. If you saw these predictions when the post came out, this week’s mobile-friendly update won’t have surprised you in the slightest.

A Closer Look at the Most Annoying Web Trends

After seeing an annoying web trends piece in net magazine, Karen wanted to get involved. This blog turned out to be one of our biggest conversation starters and we had a big spike in traffic when it was published. I still remember freaking out while looking at the Real-Time analytics. See what you think and don’t be shy if you have an opinion.

Google My Business Profiles Start Ranking in Non-Branded Searches

Sitting at the top of the charts in terms of views, links and engagement, this post is our baby. The traffic from Google+ and direct visits reinforces the interest in the topic and how Andy was at the forefront of observing and commenting on this change. He’ll be famous one day, so get in there while you still can.

Since I’ve been managing the blog, we’ve featured company news, detailed articles and light-hearted posts. Everybody from department heads to interns have got involved and put a part of themselves into the blog we have today. For what it’s worth, I think it really shows.

That’s about it. Follow us on Twitter to make sure you never miss a post. While you’re at it, get stuck in to the comment box below and let us know about anything you like, disagree with or want to see from us in the future.

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