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June marks 50 years of pride.

This event provides time for reflection, learning and celebration of the diverse nature of the modern workforce.

Here at Venn, we promote diversity and inclusion and strive to embrace every member of the Venn team.

Pride is not just celebrated this month; instead, it's an ongoing commitment to support and encourage diversity and learn from our peers to become a more inclusive environment for our team, now and in the future. The work is far from over, but we are doing our best to build a happy, inviting workplace and will continue to do so every day.

This year we're celebrating workplace diversity and inclusion through several fundraising activities and team learning. We're taking this opportunity to educate ourselves and encourage an authentic workplace for all.

We'll be kicking off pride month with a Venn rainbow bake-off, followed by the Stonewall 50 fundraiser challenge to celebrate 50 years of pride.

Visit our just giving page to see how you can support LGBTQIA+ charities with Venn and donate to our fundraising challenge. Keep an eye on our Instagram page for updates on the Venn team and our Pride activities. 

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