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Welcome to the second part of our recruitment agency special - this time, Recruitment Agencies and Twitter.

Does this look familiar??

1) Associate / Senior Consultant Location: North London Salary: 40k -50k .. #jobs #hiring

2) #job for Digital Producer (3 month contract): Company : *** Location : France Exciting oppor... (link)

3) XXX is looking for a senior wealth manager in the city!!!! 100k+!!! Call us now!!!

Due to my background in recruitment, a large amount of my time is spent selling into this sector and creating marketing strategies for all sorts of businesses, from high street recruitment companies to executive search and selection. Of the hundreds of companies I have spoken to over the last 6 months, I struggle to name more than 10 that have a proper grasp on social media, namely Twitter.

Every morning, somewhere between waking up and heading out the door, I’ll load up my twitter account. Every morning, somewhere between waking up and heading out the door, I’ll be bombarded with job postings from various recruitment companies I follow. If you or your recruitment business is guilty of this, I have one piece of advice…. STOP. Step away from the computer…. Put down the mouse!

Every day, more than 9,000 job openings are posted onto Twitter by recruiters and companies such as Broadbean. You’ll notice that the format is relatively similar – usually with so many hashtags that you don’t know what they are recruiting for! If they are not #tagged up to the max then they seem really enthusiastic!!!!!!! With enough exclamation marks to suggest desperation.

The problem we have here is companies are forgetting the main objective of Twitter –

Keep it social!

Reveal the human side of the company, give the business a personality, provide relevant and useful information that your followers want to read, respond to comments and feedback and reply today, in real time. There are many opportunities to think outside the box and use this platform to your advantage; run competitions for example or referral incentives. This will help you build a community and get more business leads.

Next: Do your research! Use online directories like WeFollow, JustTweetIt or Tweetfind to identify key influencers among specific professions or target talent groups. Failing that, just use the Twitter search box. Keep an eye out for hashtags# commonly used for specific industries in which you are hiring. Get involved in conversations like #HireFriday that have been started by other Twitter recruitment marketers.

Once all the hard work is out of the way, my final piece of advice is to monitor the results. It’s difficult to measure return on investment through a platform such as Twitter but there are ways in which you can check your hard work is paying off. Watch your responses and retweets, and look out for trends in times or specific days when your content gets the most traction. Like email marketing, you can use this information to fine tune when and what you tweet.

Google Analytics allows you to see if Twitter is referring traffic to your website. Keep an eye on these stats. As your followers increase, traffic should also increase and if this isn’t the case then you need to take a good old look at your strategy or message. The secret to a good strategy is flexibility, so tweak away and monitor the results!

A quick summary before I get off my soap box…… STOP endless job postings – you will lose followers. Build a community, get creative, keep it social, do your research and monitor the results!!

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