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Attracting talent is a hot topic among employers in the current candidate-driven market. Post-pandemic businesses are thriving and looking to grow their teams. But with everyone searching for talent in the same diminished pool, brands are struggling to attract, engage and retain talent in an increasingly digital world.

For many reasons, the hiring market has become challenging, whether it’s the draw of remote working, people not feeling comfortable moving jobs or the rise in competition from other employers. With this, employer brand and how companies communicate it has become more important than ever before.

How companies attract and recruit talent has had to adapt in the digital age. At the heart of this shift are employer brands and dedicated careers websites, providing businesses with direct access to passive and active talent.

As specialists in recruitment marketing and technology, we’re seeing a rise in demand for digital support to enhance and optimise the recruitment process. By investing in employer brands, companies are looking to support the wider recruitment process with an optimised online presence, giving consultants better resources and candidates a platform to learn and engage.

With ten plus years working with recruitment agencies and employer brands, we combine our knowledge of tech and strategies to meet this rise in demand for digital. In our latest download, we look at the role of careers websites within the recruitment process and the importance of strong employer brands for hiring in 2022 and beyond. In addition, we look at what the current and future hiring landscape looks like, using extensive research into recruitment and HR insight.

In this download, we cover:

  • Storytelling and the importance of employer brand
  • How to leverage digital in a candidate-driven market
  • Candidate user journeys
  • Corporate vs careers websites


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