ClearSky Accounting

The Brief

ClearSky Contractor Accounting was born out of the demand for a specialist accountant who could help contractors work as limited companies. We have worked with ClearSky and their sister company Parasol for over 3 years and it’s their mission to cut the amount of admin contractors are faced with and simplify the tasks that get in the way of their day jobs. They offer everything from payroll & tax returns to bookkeeping and tax advice enabling contractors & freelancers to set-up on their own.

As an initiative to strengthen their existing relationships and drive engagement from the wider contractor community, they created their first issue of ‘Workstyle’, the UK’s first independent publication to help readers achieve a better work-life balance.

The publication is aimed at individuals who are considering getting into contracting or have recently done so. ClearSky came to Venn with a brief to drive traffic, boost downloads and capture potential leads via a paid campaign.

The Solution

ClearSky came to us with a set budget and KPI objectives. We analysed the paid channels to find the best suited for delivering the target number of downloads for the budget and forecasted accordingly.

The campaign initially started on Facebook, but thanks to the excellent success rate of conversions ClearSky decided to increase their budget, extend the campaign and expand into other social media channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Starting with audience lists (in the form of look-a-likes) created from pixels on sister company Parasol’s site, we then created three themes to allow different advertising messages and further audience segmentation. For each theme, we utilised three ad formats; web conversion campaigns, lead generation forms and website display banners for on-site conversions.

Website conversion campaigns lead directly to the Beginner’s Guide landing page. We used lead forms to offer a different way to engage and take users through to the landing page. Display banners were placed on specific freelance and IT contracting websites & used to re-market to page visitors.

Leah Tillyer, Head of Client Services
One of the clearest indicators of any marketing campaign success is when a client asks, “Can we spend more?’ ‘What other channels could we use?’ and this happened within the first few weeks of the campaign. The final revenue numbers illustrate just why they wanted to maximise activity. Providing a product with real value to your audience and communicating this clearly via your ad copy is crucial to a successful campaign.

The Results

In total the campaign ran for approximately 10 weeks and over this period we had more than 2.5million impressions, resulting in over 10,000 clicks.

By the end of the campaign, ClearSky had seen an overall return on investment of 1596% and while the initial CPA was high, the lifetime value of each customer easily outweighed the cost.

We saw the most conversions from Facebook (67%) compared to the other platforms, but this was where the campaign originally started and continued to be the focus for the campaign.

Download a copy for yourself here