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Digital transformation & strategy consultation for humans, designed by data

Digital marketing, its surrounding technologies and most importantly, your customers, evolve daily, at a pace faster than most businesses can adapt.

This is a huge challenge for every modern-day business, with 64% of companies seeing digital innovation and change as their biggest challenge over the next five years. 

Change is commonly associated with a fear of the unknown. But what if change was the main driver for your business continuing to stay relevant to your customers? Would you still fear innovation and digital change?


Venn's consultancy division helps forward thinking businesses progress digitally through a period of constant evolution. We help companies re-engage with their audience, find the clearest paths to conversion and ensure there is a clear long-term strategy in place, designed to future proof businesses bottom line, through digital.

You don’t need to challenge the norm. Constant innovation makes you the norm and this is how we help you do it.


Do you know how many and which digital touch points your customers use to directly and indirectly communicate with your business?

Most businesses are masters of offline communication, but very few have mastered the art of digital communication.

We carry out several sessions with key members of your company, teeing us up to find out exactly what it is your customers want from you. We then pair this information up with numerous data points to assess how you can sell and perform better through digital.


We create a cohesive digital transformation strategy, guided through a 12-month roadmap, broken down into digestible and measurable sprints.


This is where the real digital transformation happens.

Your digital strategy could start with something as simple as a revised and targeted social media strategy, aimed at prospecting customers at the top of the conversion funnel. Measured through a/b testing and onsite heat mapping, giving us hard data points to ensure we push customers through your website more effectively.

Or you may need to take your business on a more complex journey through digital transformation.

For example, your business may be in a position where you have the opportunity to embrace a Progressive Web App designed to bring your offline catalogue online. Pair this with a newly designed website, crafted to engage with potential customers at the top of the conversion funnel and you could at the start of your journey to driving more leads through your digital assets.

Whilst in the background a dynamic ordering portal, hosted securely in the cloud, has been designed to enable your business to dictate pricing across your whole sector, keeping your active customer base constantly engaged and spending with your brand.

Digital has no limits.


What has worked and what needs further work?

We don’t measure success at the end of 12 months, we measure success at every single opportunity on every single sprint, evolving your strategy before your audience’s expectations shift.

Every business needs to start thinking like a digital business because every business is a digital business.

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