Digital Marketing
In Manufacturing

At Venn, we have been working with big and small manufacturers to help them embrace digital and monetise their websites. Manufacturers that embrace digital can expect to improve relationships with stockists and learn more about their end consumers, allowing them to develop strong brands that drive demand. 

Business Results from Creative Minds

What's inside?

We are entering an era where manufacturers have more opportunities to speak, listen and engage directly with consumers and stockists than ever before. At Venn, we have been working with manufacturers across multiple sectors including retail, engineering and FMCG to build websites, trade portals and marketing campaigns that increase profitability and generate new business.

  • 80% of manufacturers agree on the need to invest in digital to engage stockists
  • How is the B2B marketplace changing
  • Why manufacturers need to adapt
  • 10 questions to help you discover if you are digitally ready

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