The brief

To launch Atelier's new garden studios in the digital environment and capture their beliefs and technical expertise while doing it.

01 Background

In summary

Atelier make luxury garden studios. They combine high-end materials with precision design to create luxurious personal spaces where people can work, play or relax. They take a considered approach to ensure their studios fulfil the needs of their owner’s and blend in with their natural surroundings.

We designed and built a simple, stylish website to support Atelier’s launch, but to embody their beliefs and get their audience’s attention, we needed to refine their branding and reach out to the right people on the right channels.

The results:

  • A revamped brand

    Recognisable messaging, palette and logo

  • An elegant website

    Clean and innovative, just like Atelier

View the live site

02 Web design & content marketing

Creating a space like no other

To reflect Atelier’s quality, we constructed a website that is worth getting lost in.

It was an easy decision to make the garden studios themselves central to the design, but the homepage needed a distinctive edge. To provide this, we opted for an animated illustration that demonstrates the journey of a studio and how it can fit in with natural surroundings without detracting from them. Along with a smooth homepage journey and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) we ensured every element of the site was built with fitting precision.

As a new brand, just crafting a site wasn’t going to drive interest by itself. To get in front of the relevant audience and engage with them, we decided to join the She Shed conversation and look to lead the way. We ran a survey that asked people about their personal space and explored the interpretation of terms like man cave and she shed. We also spoke to influential women about their spaces and combined this information to reinforce the importance of having your own retreat.