The brief

To create a series of infographics and digital applications that drive visitors to the automotive services of GoCompare and reinforce the brand's image as an innovator.

01 Background

In summary

GoCompare are an insurance comparison giant. They pride themselves on being one of the UK's best services and are known for their approach to advertising and marketing. Our project involved the production of four deliverables that fit within their ‘on the road’ category, pitched towards the car insurance market.

To create varied visuals and useful tools we had to consider bold design choices and ways to engage with a diverse audience on various devices. We also had to ensure each piece was approved by GoCompare’s compliance, tone of voice and legal teams.

Some of the key results:

  • Content worth marketing

    Two infographics that explore automotive history

  • Interactive engagement

    A clean, simple theory test quiz

  • A helpful tool

    An interactive fuel price calculator

02 The History of...

Because drivers can’t always look forwards

From a detailed history of road law to seeing whether people could still pass their test, we encouraged people to look backwards.

The initial focus of our campaign was on infographics. We created two visuals that looked at the history of the driving licence and driving regulations. In terms of imagery, typical stock photography was never going to be good enough, so we sourced, edited and created high quality, eye-catching visuals. To reflect the feel of the different eras, the fonts and images on both the infographics gradually shift from vintage to modern, as they are scrolled through.

For the first of our interactives we created a quiz that asks, could you still pass your theory test? To reach a high page speed and keep eyes on the questions, we implemented a simple, efficient design. Clearly displaying the information should be the first priority of any quiz style content and we replicated how an actual theory test is presented to provide an authentic, albeit shorter version of the test. We hoped to see a lot of passes, but also prompt those who failed to revisit The Highway Code.

04 Responsive thinking

Making everything mobile friendly

Visuals finished with a polish on every screen.

As GoCompare’s traffic is split between desktop and mobile, we had to make each piece of content work flawlessly across every device. For the infographics, we used images that were optimised for small screens with high resolutions and considered page speed and bandwidth at every turn.

For the infographics and the theory test quiz, we applied responsive design techniques. This meant ensuring the parallax elements of the driving licence worked and considering tap targets and interaction points, as well as stripping out images on the theory quiz. To ensure the fuel calculator provided an optimal experience for mobile users we built a separate mobile version. We redirected mobile visitors to this alternative layout that was shaped to enable easy navigation on touch screens of any size.

The result of our campaign was four pieces of original content that entertain, inform or make life easier for GoCompare’s audience, whatever device they're using.