The brief

To create a comprehensive guide to two of the vital aspects of sales, lead generation and closing deals. These guides needed to be informative and detailed at the same time as having an attractive, mobile-friendly design.

01 Background

In summary

Pareto are one of the UK’s leading sales training and recruitment experts. If there’s something to be sold they’ve helped to sell it. They have the expertise and training materials, but neither of these are visible without attending one of their courses or using their services. Over the course of the "Complete Guides" campaign, we were charged with creating a buzz in terms of site traffic and social mentions.

To promote interest in their training courses and produce a genuinely useful resource for recent graduates and sales managers on any device, we had to consider copywriting, design and a responsive build.

Some of the key results:

  • Audience engagement

    Well over 6,000 visitors in the three months after launch of the first guide.

  • Building the brand

    66% of these visitors were new users to Pareto’s website.

View the lead generation guide

View the closing a deal guide

02 Copywriting

Making every word count

We needed to help Pareto market their services through their expertise, rather than their hard sell.

During the early stages of the project, it soon became clear that tackling lead generation and the closing stages of a deal would require a step by step approach. This meant discussing each of the contributing factors of lead generation, as well as the logical sequence most deals go down before they are sealed with a signature.

To appeal to sales professionals of all levels, the copy had to be informative but not patronising. It had to hold weight and authority, but not belittle or bore. By making promises to "take your sales process to the next level", the content itself had to be useful. Through analysis of Pareto’s materials and external resources, each part of the content offered actionable advice or studied analysis.

Sales professionals thrive on clear presentation and an awareness of this influenced the structure. We introduced each article with scannable chunks of text that summarised and introduced the more in-depth articles. The clearly labelled sections, emboldened takeaways and broken up pieces make the guides accessible and well-suited to the fast pace of sales.

04 Campaign Performance

Reaching and teaching people

Both guides were supported by outreach efforts, email marketing and influencer targeting.

Three months after the first was published, the two guides had seen over 1,400 social shares and activities, including well over 700 shares on LinkedIn. We also secured unique features and links from other media outlets and websites, including Crazy Egg, UK Recruiter, Digital Sherpa and MarketingProfs.

These outreach efforts made a significant contribution to attracting more than 6,000 unique visitors to both of the pieces in the first three months. The quality of the content and it's technical implementation ensures people will continue to find both resources through organic and social channels.