The brief

"We want to be the premier recruiter for supply chains around the world. To achieve this, we need to be different." Proco wanted a bold new site to tell their story, engage their users and truly represent their international presence as a challenger brand.

01 Background

In summary

Proco wanted to represent their scale, values and people but condense this message into high impact statements. This approach puts real emphasis on straps and accompanying copy, but even more so on the supporting imagery. As a result, we had the opportunity to create a visually striking, confident website.

The aim was to position Proco Global as a specialist international company who do things differently. To get this message across we had to consider brand, strategy and UX.

Some of the key results:

  • Brand building

    The creation of a strong brand, reinforced by visual and tone of voice guidelines.

  • Responsive design

    A site that’s at home on any screen. Mobile, tablet, desktop – you name it.

  • Recognition

    Honourable mention classification on

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02 Brand development

Building on an established identity

Early into the project, it became clear that a new website wasn’t going to be enough. They had the concepts, the people and the expert knowledge, now Proco Global needed a distinctive online presence. To stand out as opinionated, deliberate specialists.

From tone of voice and typeface to logo and colour palettes, we injected their personality and values into every pixel. The result is a strong, confident brand that is instantly recognisable through copy or imagery.

Alongside the website, we produced a complete brand guidelines document that can be referred to whenever Proco Global create additional materials for internal or external means.

It was crucial that the site represented their global scale. By adding details like the international clocks and rich office location pages to the contact us section, we were able to build their non-centralised, worldwide team in to their site. This reflects their international presence, as well as the multi-territory businesses they serve.

The specialist emphasis of the brand is displayed in the individual attention we've given to the sectors, including dedicated icons and detailed pages, and in the consultants who know these industries inside out. The selfies of each member of staff not only bring life to any ‘Meet the Team’ aspects, but also represent Proco Global’s people orientated culture.

As a result of our brand development, everything is delivered with a distinct tone and visual style that positions Proco Global as unique in the Global Supply Chain Management recruitment sphere.

04 Responsive UX thinking

Making it sing and dance on the small screen

Ensuring the impact of the desktop site translates to all devices.

The real challenge for the user interface design and UX was displaying the rich visuals across a range of screen sizes. We opted to serve up optimised versions of imagery for smaller devices and mobiles, where bandwidth would be more critical.

We used SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to ensure the interface and icons would look ultra-crisp on high resolution displays. There's no point creating a beautiful site only for it to look fuzzy on the latest mobile handsets. We made every effort to add functionality along with the flair.

The resulting visual experience for mobile and tablet users, as well as the associated page load times, makes the responsive site a more than fitting representation.

  • Graphics optimised for high resolution (PPI) touch screens

  • Buttons and links scaled for touch based interactions

  • Page speed optimisation for mobile devices to reduce loadtime