The brief

To promote JW Lees cask ales, encourage drinkers to try alternatives to their usual and bring a predominately offline market online with an engaging digital experience.

01 Background

In summary

North West brewer JW Lees wanted to increase online engagement and encourage people to taste their 23-strong range of ales. While a younger audience would be more responsive to the dedicated Beer Hop site, the traditional drinkers of JW Lees’ ale are older and would need more encouragement to head online. We knew our idea had to be bold.

With this knowledge of their audience and product, we launched the Great JW Lees Beer Hop and multi-channel marketing to drive people through JW Lees’ door and straight to the bar.

The results:

  • Brand JW Lees

    Almost 10,000 unique visitors to site in just five weeks. 

  • Trying something new

    Over 675 Beer Hop vouchers were downloaded

  • Content worth picking up

    Features on the MEN, Cask Ale Week and Prolific North.

View the live site

02 The execution

Perfectly poured integrated marketing

Every part of the campaign evoked the spirit of the Great British Pub, from the chalkboard design to the one armed bandit.

The Beer Hop microsite was designed around an interactive mechanic to help beer lovers discover JW Lees’ ales and learn about the different tastes on offer. To do this, users are asked to select the flavour and colour of their perfect pint before making three suggestions tailored to their taste, whether fruity, hoppy or hazel brown.

To turn online traffic into offline footfall, the Beer Hop promoted an offer to try 3 JW Lees beers for the price of 2. This deal was fulfilled by a downloadable voucher code provided at the end of the Beer Hop that entitled users to a third off in one of four JW Lees pubs. We also designed promotional posters, drip mats and tap hooks to reinforce the campaign and entice ale lovers online to find the perfect pint and download their voucher. From the smartphone app to the coasters, we made sure users were immersed in the Beer Hop at every touch of their drinking experience.

04The results

Success never tasted so good

With people sharing #weightinbeer and pictures of their pints across social media, this was a campaign everyone wanted a sip of.

It’s hard to argue with the results. This short, five-week campaign brought almost 10,000 unique visitors to the Great JW Lees Beer Hop site. More than 675 vouchers were downloaded over this period at a staggering conversion rate of 7%.

Targeted outreach generated over 2,000 conversations with industry leaders on social media and secured placements on 10 high profile websites including the MEN, Cask Ale Week and Prolific North.

This translates into a lot of people through JW Lees’ pub doors, all because of one beautifully executed, integrated campaign and six wonderful beers.