The Brief

Our brief was to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the Petroplan website, a recruiter within the Oil and Gas Industry. Each client is different and we spend a lot of time at the start of any campaign understanding a client's target audience and the type of content this audience are most likely to consume and engage with.

Our objective was to highlight Petroplan's authority and knowledge within the market to generate new business, show their empathy and care for their candidates and set them apart from every other recruiter. 

The Solution

As a result, we found that well written, thought out feature articles are well received in the Oil and Gas industry, which is faced with huge challenges; Mental health in Oil and Gas, and indeed the very future of the industry being at the forefront of conversation. We set to work on the research, content writing and landing page creation of a series of articles to house on the Petroplan website which sat on our CMS, Apteve.

We found that well written, thought out feature articles are well received in the Oil and Gas industry.

Credibility is key, and so we teamed up with a Professor of Petroleum Geoscience to help boost interest in the article on "The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry". For our piece on Mental Health, we worked with Chris Hawkes, Safety Director at the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers and interviewed Oil and Gas engineers about their personal experiences on the rigs. 

Leah Jarratt, Head of Client Services
I am proud of the team for delivering such great results for a simple idea and it goes to show that marketing doesn't have to always be high impact to succeed, it's the content that counts.

The Results

We're pleased with the outcome of each campaign which gained huge visibility for the Petroplan brand. The "Future of Oil and Gas" article alone saw 8,331 total visits to the article since launch and was published on 5 independent websites, driving links back to the brand domain. 

This widespread coverage secured a rank in Google above companies such as PwC and Deloitte for the generic term "Future of Oil and Gas". In the first 90 days of the campaign, the website received 3x more non branded traffic and the number of impressions over the 90 days for non branded search was over 750,000 which we can attribute to organic search success.

A further 16 links were generated back to the article "Mental Health in Oil and Gas" which contributed to the rise in organic traffic.

Over 3 minutes is spent on the articles on average, indicating engagement from the reader. True ROI was measured via the total number of job applications, registrations and contact form entries off the back of reading the article.