Right people, right time, right message.

Multinational companies with huge marketing budgets no longer dominate the search results. PPC guarantees traffic to your site or you won't pay a penny, and with the correct management and effective optimisation, this can provide results for your business at a maximum ROI.

Without expert supervision PPC costs can rise rapidly. As we are Google Certified Partners, our team know how to make PPC not only effective but efficient. We start by completing a full account audit, establishing areas where we can instantly refine your campaign and save you money.

Venn PPC guide

Grabbing their attention

Our PPC team use performance indexing techniques to ensure maximum relevance for keywords. They work with our copywriting team to achieve compelling advertising.

Benchmarked keyword analysis

Professional insights and industry analysis help ensure the lowest possible risk and highest potential for ROI on your advertising spend.

More ways to convert

Linked sub pages that extend the value of your ads.

The PPC campaign management package

  1. Research & Strategy

    The skill behind a successful PPC campaign is targeting the right people, at the right time, on the right device, with the right message. Prior to set-up, we take time to research and understand your audience as well as your business, so we can stitch together a tailor-made strategy that will deliver instant, profitable results. A clear picture enables PPC to be a key component of your online presence, capturing those conversions that may have otherwise escaped.

  2. Professional insight that saves you money

    We continually optimise your activity by benchmarking and actively testing areas. We are always looking to tweak your current choices, build new campaign opportunities and expand your keywords as well as optimise ad creative and landing pages. Our approach is focused on cost per acquisition targets and our endeavours to drive these down. The lower the CPA, the higher the profitability. We have previously increased a client's conversion rate by 160% within three months with our focus on quality.

  3. Better conversions with Remarketing

    PPC is not limited to search engine results. We use Remarketing across the Google Display Network to target visitors that have already visited your site and have an established need for your service. Remarketing targets users who have previously visited your website, but didn't complete your desired action. By using the Google Display Network as they browse sites, we are able to constantly refresh their memory with targeted messages. Remarketing often has high conversion rates and helps make the most of your advertising.

  4. Insight & Conversion Optimisation

    An additional value of running PPC is that it offers real-time insights into your performance. It provides real-time updates of keyword, advert and website conversion data, while also allowing you to quickly test new opportunities, promotions, products and services. The information we get from running PPC, from keyword performance to landing pages, is used to continually analyse and strengthen your success. Once initiated and data begins to accumulate, we can then influence a wider marketing strategy or expand on your PPC even further.

Our services


Advertising through the Google Display Network that targets your ideal demographic.

The Google Display Network reaches users when they are browsing the web. With strategic targeting the display network can be used to promote your business to people before and during their buying decision.

Using the display network is a cost-effective way to get your brand exposed to potential new customers.


Adverts that follow users who have already visited your site with tactical messages to bring them back.

Remarketing adverts work by tagging site visitors with a cookie allowing you to then distribute your advert to them whilst they browse other websites.

Using remarketing alongside other channels allows you to maximise your initial investment by capturing users and bringing them back to your site. It is also an excellent way to ensure brand loyalty and engagement.

Our PPC Packages

Find some of the most popular options available from our PPC department below. If you have any questions regarding our packages feel free to speak to us. We are always open to speaking to businesses about their individual needs.

ProductContract lengthSetup costsManagement fees

Adwords Account

Ideal for…

Businesses who aren’t planning on spending enough to warrant monthly management but would benefit from a professional account set up. We can help train your team to manage the account or offer reviews.

3 month contract

If you are new to PPC or are looking to see what you can achieve for your business and need a shorter contract we can offer this initial 3 month contract.

6 month contract

If you are confident that PPC works for you but want to see stronger results, such as a lower CPA or higher conversion volume, a 6 month contract is an ideal time period to set targets and work month on month to deliver the results.

  • £80 per hour consultancy
  • £500 6 month review
  • £500 1 days training
3 months£750See the rates card
6 months +£500See the rates card

Web Launch

Ideal for…

New website launches. This package is designed specifically to increase brand exposure and bring traffic to your new website while delivering conversions. The various levels of the package use elements of Display, Search & Remarketing to create the maximum response to your new site. For more info see the Web Launch Package.

3 months +Standard£500£750 flat fee
Exec packageFree£1000 flat fee
Pro packageFree£1500 flat fee


Ideal for…

Reconnecting with people who have previously visited your site. Remarketing can be used as part of a specific strategy to generate additional conversions or as an overarching product which increases brand loyalty and engagement.

3 months +£500Management charges dependent on monthly site traffic.

Event Promo

Ideal for…

Event marketing, special offers or peak seasonality months. These one off display campaigns can be used alongside other online or offline campaigns to increase exposure for your business.

1 month£500£250 flat fee

Plain speaking figures

We find that a percentage model compliments the management style of our accounts.

It allows our strategists to be proactive in looking for opportunities and drive larger ROI through the account. If you feel that a flat fee would work better for your business, we are always happy to discuss.

If you are interested in any of our PPC packages or need guidance around the right engine spend for your marketing goals then speak to us.

Talk to us
Engine spend% Fee
Minimum £2,500£500 flat fee
£2,500 - £4,99920%

Where our experience tells…

We have plenty of experience in running PPC campaigns, with successful results in many varied sectors.

  • Property & Construction
  • Leisure
  • Retail
  • Technology & Networking
  • Recruitment
  • Healthcare
  • Banking & Finance
  • Travel & Tourism

…and the people we do it for.