No smoke and mirrors, just visibly better results.

New visitors bring new enquires, which can result in tangible profit. We work closely with you to understand how we can maximise the conversion rate of your website, as well as what the cost per acquisition should be. The digital impact of your business does not need to be beyond your input or control.

Using your Google Analytics and AdWords accounts as well as our own measuring tools, we aim to provide you with as much visibility to our activity as possible. In line with this, we collate the data and deliver a detailed report each month. Measurable performance is key to pinpointing success.

Venn SEO process

01. Research

Understand your objectives

02. Technical Strategy

Develop the right foundations

03. Content Strategy

Speak to the right audience

04. Content Marketing

Expand your brand reach

05. Traffic Analysis

Review, evaluate and report

  1. 1. Research

    Building an understanding of your products, services and target audience.

    We identify your objectives and research your competition to build a clear picture of how to succeed in your industry. We know how to handle the recent Google updates and with a little study, we'll soon know how to reach your targets as well. The intricacies of your business matter - they help us locate your audience and turn visitors into customers.

  2. 2. Technical strategy

    We perform comprehensive on-going technical reviews, designed to uncover both UX and technical SEO issues.

    We utilise the latest innovations in search to ensure each of our clients' websites remain on the crest of the digital wave. Whether it's the basics, such as meta content and sitemaps, or more technical issues, like site speed and schema implementation, we have it covered. We aren't just on and off-page, we're on the next page.

  3. 3. Content Strategy

    Utilising prior research, we work to ensure that content is designed to attract and appeal to a given set of individuals.

    The content we create does have SEO in mind, but keyword stuffing couldn't be further from what we do. Writing needs to be unique, engaging and relevant to meet the demands of search engines, but the needs of your audience are more important. Great content will not only be crawled and indexed but also attract natural inbound traffic over time.

  4. 4. Content Marketing

    Building your audience with informative content in various forms.

    We have a dedicated content marketing team who generate ideas, content and relationships which can result in referrals and increased brand awareness. We don't create blogs for the sake of it; we create valuable content that complements both our SEO activity and your marketing plan. One piece of well-placed high quality content has the beating of a scattered approach every time.

  5. 5. Traffic Analysis

    A continual cycle of implementation, analysis and evaluation.

    We ensure you get the best of budget by concentrating on what works for you. As our SEO team are Google Analytics (GAIQ) Qualified, with a keen eye for data and a love-hate relationship with Excel, we can identify what is working but, more importantly, why. Great performance in itself is valuable, but knowing how to improve further is priceless.


Our services

Sector Specific

Each unique industry demands a different breed of SEO.

Among others, we have worked with clients from Recruitment, IT, Finance and Software backgrounds. Every field has its own unique needs and challenges, so a single-minded approach to SEO simply won't work. Our diverse experience and business conscious help remedy this. Onsite optimisation, visitor targeting, performance tracking and cutting edge content marketing ensure our clients remain ahead in the digital race, whatever their speciality.

Local & International

Campaign management with focused reach.

Whether you run an ambitious start-up or a global institution, we have the knowledge and skillset to ensure that your website performs. Local and International SEO are different, highly specialised areas, and we have a proven track record of success within both. The reach of your site is important, but aimless traffic cannot be classed as success. Getting your business in front of potential customers, wherever they are, is what truly counts.

We currently deliver SEO in:
  • UK
  • France
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • America
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • Denmark

Google Penalty Recovery Service

Bringing your website in from the cold.

As many as 10% of the websites online today are currently inhibited by a Google Penalty. It takes knowledge and experience to diagnose the full extent of the issues and form a structure that will deliver an efficient, tactful remedy. Whether it is Panda (Content) or Penguin (Links) causing the issue, we have a proven track record of helping our clients overturn penalties and return to growth.

Content Marketing

Strategies focused on creating unique content that people will love.

Fuelled by our Content Marketing, Copywriting and Social Media teams, we construct content strategies that will cement your place as an industry authority. This is a crucial dimension to any campaign, as great content creates natural referrals, encourages natural shares and develops natural brand affinity. The sum of these parts? Valuable visitors and repeat business.

E-commerce SEO

The customer led E-commerce field necessitates a unique approach.

We offer an inter-departmental approach to e-commerce to not only recognise your most important pages, but to pinpoint their ideal structure for maximum return. Onsite optimisation, game-changing content techniques and daily performance tracking are the activities that allow us to go above and beyond the expectations of your users and surpass the rankings of your competitors.

Where our experience tells…

We have a wide range of experience in implementing SEO campaigns across many diverse industries and sectors.

  • Property & Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Recruitment
  • Banking & Finance
  • Leisure
  • Technology & Networking
  • Software
  • Travel & Tourism

…and the people we do it for.