Square One Resources

The Brief

Square One provides specialist recruitment services to the IT and ERP sectors. They are based in London’s Devonshire Square and have over 120 employees across 8 specialist teams.

Square One originally came to us for a new website, but after a week-long consultancy it was clear that they needed to transform Square One digitally, as they felt they ‘were working with one hand behind their back’. To build a website that performs, we needed to help them discover their brand identity and understand what drives their clients and contractors.

Our brief was to ensure that Square One could communicate and engage more effectively with clients, contractors & candidates via their website.

The Solution

We identified the functional requirements of the website, along with any potential barriers. The focus was to bring contractors and job seekers to Square One’s own site, rather than divert them away to job boards.

One of the key parts of Square One’s digital transformation was their brand discovery. This began by asking three simple questions: What, How & Why? The answers pinpointed the methods and motives of Square One, reminding the company of its goal, unique selling point and why it exists.

Our Digital Consultant conducted detailed audits of Square One’s technical SEO, analytics, social media & competitors to highlight the opportunities for improvement. To gain valuable insight into Square One we also conducted interviews with clients, contractors & candidates. This was vital to not just discovering the brand identity, but also identifying what functionality the website needed to prevent users going to a competitor.


We held brand workshops with Managers & Team Leaders, carrying out exercises from open discussions to personality sliders. What emerged, was that they knew who they were, they just needed a way to articulate it.

Andrew Akesson, Head of Digital
Before we began we listened to the needs of not just the client, but their existing customer base. These interviews and the data we collected helped us learn not just why customers were returning to site, but also gather information as to what led them to work with competitors.

The Results

Square One now has an employer brand that transfers into the whole office and across everything they do. We condensed this into four key aspects: Features, Benefits, Values and Personality. These all align to create the essence of Square One, which is uncomplicated, uncompromising and unrivalled.

Digitally, we provided a website that articulates their brand identity and ensured the homepage has content directed to clients, contractors & candidates. In addition, through our bespoke CMS Apteve, we added features to future-proof and prepare the site for the launch of Google for Jobs in the UK.

The team & consultants are the core of Square One’s business, so we put them at the front of the website and gave them the opportunity to really own the space and the jobs on-site. We used strikethrough text on the website, to show they go against industry norms and position themselves as a straight-talking recruiter.

We provided a clear strategy that supports Square One’s traditional approach to recruitment but ensures they are getting the digital exposure they need. Four weeks after putting the site live, they ranked on the first page of Google for 'SAP recruitment agencies' and 'Oracle recruitment agencies’ which are their core services.

Going forward we are also supporting with content and a strong social media campaign to continue establishing their employer brand.