The Payment Professor

The Brief

Ascend Finance wanted a consumer friendly brand with a website that contained the functionality to fill out and submit claims forms entirely online. While we created the brand from the ground up, from the name, logo and voice through to the website, we were also tasked with kick-starting their lead generation.

The brief was to find new customers who may have been mis-sold packaged bank accounts and convince them to get their money back via this new brand.

The Solution

By using a range of channels in sequence to first create awareness (Display), educate (Social media), connect (Search) and reconnect (Email & Remarketing), we were able to drive full form completions through the website.

For customers to give over their personal financial details to a completely new brand, it was crucial to demonstrate trust and reliability.

We also utilised designated landing pages featuring a simple first page form for particular channels and strategies to aid user experience and streamline sign ups. Copy both on site and within adverts had to be educational, concise and fit within FSA regulations, while simultaneously reassuring customers and creating trust against the stigma of ‘claims’.

Simon Facey, Head of Paid Media
So many people are paying for a service that they don’t want or use and their money is simply going to banks. There was a dual benefit to creating a solution which made claiming quick and simple.

The Results

With a strategic approach to paid media, signups were generated and improved on quickly.

Within 4 months, signups had increased by 397% from a month 1 and a standing start. As the campaign developed and matured, the cost per form also decreased from £23 to just £10 (a 55% improvement). With a brand for users to believe in and targeted paid advertising, The Payment Professor had everything they needed to attract and convert their specific audience.