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The Pit Stop. #10

3 minutes

By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

When researching marketing tactics, it's easy to venture down a rabbit hole. Shifting through all the waffle and jargon wastes time and can often leave you more confused than before. To tackle those tricky digital FAQs, we've asked our team to provide some straight forward answers. 

Why waste your time, when we could help clear things up in 100 words or less. From recruitment website enquiries to PPC costings conundrums, this month's Pit Stop covers a wide variety of digital marketing queries. 

So, take 5, grab a brew and learn the easy way.


Do I need a blog on my Recruitment site?

Stephanie Tabah, Client Strategy Manager

Honest answer? Only if you have the time and resource to dedicate to it.

Having a 'recent post' from two years ago is going to do more harm than not having one at all.

Adding regular content to your site can boost your marketing in three key ways:

1) Build keyword visibility to boost your search engine rankings

2) Provide valuable content for your social & email marketing campaigns

3) Show prospective clients and candidates you are a worthy recruitment partner


How much will a PPC Ad campaign cost?

Tim Lawlor, PPC Manager

Every campaign is different. It depends on how much you are willing to spend and how competitive the keyword is i.e. how many other businesses are bidding on the same audience/ keywords as you.

If a keyword is in high demand, advertisers must increase their bids to gain the most from their spend. For you, this high competition means an increase in cost per click.

If you have a low budget in a highly competitive market, you'd receive very few clicks due to the high cost of those clicks absorbing your budget.


Rhiannon Barnes-Powell, Brand Strategy Manager

Your logo is an important part of your brand identity, but it's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to branding.

Great branding is having a true understanding of your company/business or even yourself and being able to translate that to connect with your people and audience, through your voice, look and actions. Your logo is a tool to enable you to do just that, to connect and be recognised.

In essence, a logo isn't a brand; it is an essential part of the foundations of which a brand is built upon.


How do I improve the authority of my website?

Nathan Roberts, SEO Manager

Improving your websites authority score comes in a variety of different ways, that being on-page and off-page SEO.

On-page looks at improving the tech SEO foundation of the site and ensuring that there are no issues on the site itself.

Off-page is just as important for improving your website's authority. If you can acquire links from other websites pointing back to yours, this will improve your websites overall authority. The reason being, Google will view the link you acquire from other websites as a vote of confidence that your website should be the authority around a given topic.


Why is it important to have FAQs on my website?

Ben Thomas, Digital Support Team

FAQs pose real value to both your website and business;

Posting FAQs takes a matter of minutes—a fraction of the time you spend responding to questions via email or over the phone, leaving you with more time to focus on other tasks.

FAQs also build trust with your users, showing you're aware of any potential issues they may come across. Users will appreciate the fact you've gone out of your way to provide a quick solution.

Alongside all this, there is also the opportunity to improve SEO by adding relevant keywords to your FAQs, boosting your website's SEO.


As businesses continue to power through their digital transformation journeys, Venn is here to provide guidance and clarity in the sometimes confusing world of digital. If you have a particular query that needs answering or want to learn more about our services, speak to a member of our friendly team directly!

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