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The Vennture Platform

Website Platform for Recruitment Agencies

Vennture is single sign-on solution for the careers industry. The platform powers our suite of digital applications, offering a consumer-led experience for marketing managers.

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Single sign-on.

The Vennture suite is just one click away. Choose from our variety of digital SaaS solutions and access all your data in one place.

Edit your website, upload jobs and enhance your employer brand from within the Vennture dashboard. 

See snapshots of how your website is performing, what products you have sold and optimise your process from within. 

Whether you're a trade customer, a recruiter or a marketing manager, the Vennture platform has been built to simplify your online experience, allowing you to maximise the potential of your digital assets.

Freedom through connectivity.

For too long consumer technology has been the priority whilst the careers sector has been neglected.

There's no shortage of recruitment and website management technology, but marketing managers are the forgotten users when it comes to ease of use and connectivity. 

Vennture has the capacity to integrate with a wide range of tools, including CRM's, job posting tools and PIM's to create a more user-friendly experience.

With everything in one place, the Vennture dashboard offers a source of truth for businesses, giving you more insight than ever before into your customers.

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Adopting digital has never been so easy.

The Vennture platform is our single sign-on solution for recruitment agencies and employer brands. Hosting our powerful suite of applications, Vennture combines everything you need to succeed online. Designed and built by marketers for marketers, the new system can transform the recruitment process by streamlining the management of your digital assets.

We've spent the last ten years designing and perfecting our technology to provide a full-service digital solution. 

The Vennture suite combines our knowledge of the recruitment industry with our experience building great, user-friendly tech from job posting tools to online trade portals.

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Meet the flexible SaaS products for a new era.

The Vennture platform hosts and supports our in-house tech stack. Whether you're looking for content management, recruitment functionality or integration with an external tool, all can be accessed from our single sign-on platform.

Vennture CMS

Vennture CMS

Power, manage and optimise your website without boundaries.

Vennture Recruit

Vennture Recruit

A seamless system that combines job posting, job applications, consultant profiles and much more.

Vennture Media Hub

Vennture Media Hub

Create and manage content easily with our media hub for non-tech-savvy users. Share videos, blogs, podcasts and more.

The power behind our digital products and solutions.

One connected platform for agencies and employer brands.

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01Recruitment Websites

A beautiful front end design that combines job posting, job applications, consultant profiles and much more.

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02Careers Websites

Enhance your employer brand and engage with talent on your own website.

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Your destination for digital.

Vennture holds everything you need to thrive online. Share insights, engage with your audience and build your own community.

01Grow with Vennture.

We work with a wide range of businesses to grow brands, build digital assets, and develop strategies that work.

With experience in recruitment, food & drink, eCommerce and more, we take aspects of each industry to enhance the user journey within others. There's a lot to learn from how an eCommerce brand engages with its audience, and who's to say this can't bring success to your business.

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What our clients are saying.

How did we help?

MRL are a long-standing client with Venn. We've supported this brand with web design, SEO and ongoing support to help them improve visibility and optimise their online presence.

Read the case study.

How did we help?

A stunning web build for insurance recruitment specialists, built and launched in record time.

Read the case study.

How did we help Armstrong Craven?

We designed a new website, with an improved structure that showcased what Armstrong Craven have to offer. Powered by our CMS and Media Hub plugin, the new website gave the business the tools to optimise and grow. Working closely with our team of performance specialists and strategists, we have continued to deliver business results and revenue through digital. 

Learn more about our work with Armstrong Craven.

How did we help Roc?

We designed and built two websites for global recruiter, Roc Search including a standalone careers site to help them showcase their employer brand and attract the best talent to their business. Roc has a strong employer value proposition so ensuring this was well articulated on the site was crucial.

Learn more about Roc Careers

How did we help Montreal Associates?

What started as a website build, soon evolved into a full rebrand, discovery workshop and web development project. Together, Venn and Montreal Associates took a deep dive into the existing brand. Working with the wider team, we created a brand strategy and website that will continue to grow with the business.

Learn more about our work with Montreal Associates. 

How did we help MRL?

We have been working with MRL on an SEO strategy to gain more brand visibility, increase traffic and drive more conversions to grow their candidate database in the semiconductor sector.

Read the MRL case study

How did we help Harvey John?

Following a brand workshop, we outlined Harvey John's proposition and mission statement before designing and building their new recruitment website to reflect their updated brand. Once the site went live we arranged a training session at our HQ to go through the features of the site and our CMS Apteve along with Google Analytics to ensure the Harvey John team knew exactly how to get the most out of their new asset.

How did we help Charlton Morris?

Following a brand identity workshop, our design team created a fresh new look for Charlton Morris. As well a new group website, we built editorial style content hubs for Charlton Morris' three core sectors; Industrial, Life Science & Medical.

Read the case study

How did we help Sentinel?

Alongside a rebranding project, we designed and built a bespoke website to reflect Sentinel's IT recruitment expertise. Sentinel now have an efficient and functional site, one that places them as established thought leaders.

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