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The Pit Stop. #12

3 minutes

By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

We know how hard it is to navigate the world of marketing acronyms, metrics and trends. Digital moves fast, but a huge part of our job is to take the time to learn and evolve with the industry, allowing us to pass on knowledge to our clients.

Our busy team have once again taken the time to answer some of your FAQ’s. From SEO explanations to design tips, our 12th instalment hits a wide range of topics.

Here’s what we’ve got for you this month:


Ben Ost, Designer

1. Keep it simple: Brands don't have the luxury of time to explain a logo when customers see it for the first time. The more complex, the less memorable it will be.

2. Make it Adaptable: Logo's are used in many places, from large print formats to social media, so you need to make sure they can be suited for all different sizes and constraints.

3. Make it Authentic: A weak connection between your brand and logo means less impact on your customers. By aligning your brand towards a logo that reflects your business, you create more meaning for yourself and your customers.


How can I grow my email subscriber list?

Stephanie Tabah, Client Strategy Manager

Add value. It’s that simple. Why would people want to give you their email? If you can’t answer it – there lies the problem.

I’ll gladly give you my email for 10% off my first order. For software, the incentive may be to get a demo or start a free trial. In recruitment, it could be to set alerts for similar jobs. No matter your industry, you have something your consumers want. So ask yourself what small bit you’re willing to share as a taster.


Why do search engine rankings change so often?

Leah Tillyer, Operations Director

There are lots of different factors which impact where you sit in SERPs.

Optimisation: how well is your site currently optimised? Optimisation falls into three: technical, content and authority.

Algorithms: Google has developed complex algorithms that categorise and index all web pages. The algorithms return the best results as qualified by core metrics. They are changing, updating and learning constantly.

Context: Where you’re searching from and what device you used. The websites you’ve visited previously and what you've searched for can all impact what you see ranked.

Competition: New competitors, updated content, other people answering the questions in better formats.


How can I add tracking scripts onto my website?

Emily Sharples, Project Manager

Our CMS allows you to add tracking scripts to your website through the settings function. This feature allows you to capture information about site visitors and see how they're interacting on-page.

If you have a page specific script, go to the 'page settings' (cog icon) and add it here into either the header or footer space for scripts. If you have a site-wide script that needs adding in, go to 'site settings' then you can add in relevant scripts to the header or footer of every page. Run a full site publish to push your changes live.

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