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The Pit Stop. #8

3 minutes

By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

No query is too small or too simple, and there is no such thing as a stupid question!

For Pit Stop number 8, we’ll be covering everything from SEO to influencer marketing, pulling apart some of the most common subjects we discuss in a digital agency. A lucky few members of the Venn team have been given 100 words or less for each answer, so here we go…

How can email marketing help my business?

Stephanie, Client Strategy Manager

Despite people saying that email marketing was going to die out when GDPR came into effect, the fact is, those willing to give you their data, want to stay in touch. 

Email marketing is a well-respected channel for sales within eCommerce, but for B2B businesses, email seems to be all or nothing.

Email marketing can help with;

  • keeping your brand front of mind
  • Cleansing data to build lookalike audiences
  • Re-engaging previous clients and customers
  • Driving traffic back to a specific landing page for remarketing
  • Building targeted lists of warm leads based on interaction

What’s the difference between influencers and bloggers?

Maegan, Marketing Manager

It’s a hard one to determine but the way it stands now… bloggers will always be ‘influencers’ of their audience, but influencers aren’t always bloggers… Really simple right?

Influencers are those that connect with their audience online, largely found on social media. Their benefit to a brand is their ability to reach an engaged, targeted audience when promoting products, thereby affecting buying decisions.

Whilst bloggers may also utilise social media, they, unlike most influencers have their own website, making them an asset to your SEO team and link building goals, driving more referral traffic to your website.

Why should I try and create evergreen content?

Jonathon, Copywriter

Ste’s been playing a new game, it’s nearly 10 years old, but to him it’s new.

He’s stuck, frustrated and turns to the internet. A quick Google search takes him to a guide, it’s 9 years old, but the content is still relevant, it’s evergreen.

He follows the guide and wins, by the skin of his teeth. As he follows the guide, he notices other articles and explores further.

He likes the content, so subscribes to the newsletter. A conversion, from content nearly a decade old, imagine that.  

What is metadata?

Liam, Digital Apprentice

Behind the scenes of every web page, is the metadata. Metadata gives search engines information that helps them better understand the content on the page.

The most important aspect of metadata would be the title. This is the first thing a person will see when searching your brand, so make it count! Keep it unique, keyword sensitive and under the 60-character cut off. 

Our advice for both meta titles and meta descriptions would be; keep in mind the character limits, don’t stuff in keywords, and don’t forget to optimise your file names and image alt text.

Is there benefit to including details in job titles?

Emily, Project Manager

Short answer - no.

Adding all details and features from the job description into the job title has no added benefit on a job’s visibility. In fact, Google will penalise long job titles by not including them in Google for Jobs.

Alongside all this, lengthy titles can break the layout of the website where they feature.

So, our advice would be to keep your job titles clean and short, leaving the extra details for the full job description.

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Hope you enjoyed this month's chapter of The Pit Stop, see you in March.

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