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Service Level Agreements & Ticket Classifications

View all information regarding our SLA's and ticket classifications below

SLA & Priority Definitions

Services Level Agreements (SLAs) are based upon the priority of each inquiry or issue and can range from something that impacts individual user experiences to a system-wide outage that impacts a whole company. Our Support Targets are the same for all customers; however, to reiterate, these are response targets and may vary depending on the business's current workload:

Ticket PriorityDescription

Target Response Time

Target Resolution Time

Critical (P1)
  • Website unavailable
  • Job Feed Broken
  • Integrity/security of data is in jeopardy

(If either of these is occurring, there's a high chance we're already aware of the issue and working on a resolution)

1 hr3 hrs
High (P2)
  • Page failing to display/load correctly
  • Site functionality impacted. Features not working
3 hrs12 hrs
Medium (P3)
  • Modules not loading correctly
  • Media not displaying
24 business hrsUp to 3 weeks (varies by Product, complexity, and type of resolution needed)
Low (P4)
  • Non–critical functionality is unavailable
  • Single customer is impacted
  • Exception case with a suitable workaround
48 business hrsUp to 12 weeks (varies by Product, complexity, and type of resolution needed)


Additional Information

Ticket Classification

Question - General inquiries about Venn platforms, such as "How do I..."

Change Request - Formal requests for system modifications that users cannot make independently.

Problem - Reports of issues with the platforms features, such as module filters not working, consultants not syncing up etc

SOS - Urgent notifications of service outages i.e Site down, Vennture dashboard not loading etc


“Availability” or “Available” means you can log in and access the services.

1. Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance will be scheduled for all products. During these times, the service may be unavailable. Customers will be advised not less than 2 weeks in advance of any scheduled maintenance.

2. Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance

Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance are periods where the System access is not available as a result of the need to address a critical or emergency issue. Where possible, we will notify our Customers prior to any Unplanned or Emergency Maintenance that falls outside any Scheduled Maintenance windows. Notifications will be delivered via email.  Any maintenance is considered “Unplanned” or “Emergency” if our Customers have not been provided at least 2 weeks’ notice of the maintenance.

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