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29Jun, 2023

Venn's Monthly Recruitment Marketing Collective: Mastering Client Attraction Strategies

By The Venn Team

Venn Team


Register your interest for an invite to our monthly Recruitment Marketing Collective. Over the next few months, we're hosting a series of webinars focusing on Mastering Client Attraction Strategies, hosted by our Head of Strategy, Stephanie Tabah.


The Venn Team

Venn Team

Guest Speakers

Luke Clarke

Sales Manager

Connor Burgess

Business Development Manager

Stephanie Tabah

Head of Strategy

About this event

Designed to support the recruitment community and inspire marketing managers, these monthly sessions will be driven by your questions and provide an open space to share challenges, discuss marketing trends and ask those burning marketing questions.

We've been a trusted advisor for the recruitment industry for over 11 years, and now we're taking our knowledge public to give you a go-to place for marketing advice and guidance. 

Each session will be driven by your chosen topics and led by our experts. You'll get the chance to share your experiences and ask your questions as part of our closed network.

If you're a marketing manager at a recruitment agency or a business owner looking to improve your marketing performance, this event is for you!

Upcoming Events:

As part of our Recruitment Marketing Collective, we're hosting a series of live webinars focusing on mastering client attraction strategies and campaigns. This 3-part event will take place over the next few months, breaking down every element of a successful marketing campaign, and you are invited!

Following the success of her first webinar, our Head of Strategy, Stephanie Tabah, is back with even more support for recruitment marketers. With experience working across 20+ sectors and helping brands deliver tangible business results through multi-channel campaigns, Stephanie is well-versed in the art of recruitment marketing strategy. 

This event will be split into four sessions across the next few months; these include:

  • Delivering Effective Content for Client Attraction | April 27th at 3pm
  • Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing for Client Lead Generation | May 30th at 3pm
  • Maximising CRM Data & Automation for Client Attraction | June 29th at 3pm

By signing up via the link below, you'll get access to every session with helpful reminders to ensure you don't miss a thing! Download the slides from our past sessions:

SEO Fundamentals for Recruitment Websites

Design Top Tips for Recruitment Websites 

Building Successful Client Attraction Strategies

Does Your Recruitment Brand Matter?

Date and time

Thu 29 Jun, 2023
03:00 pm 90 mins duration


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