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Maximising Your Corporate Photography for Branding and Beyond

By Brian Whigham

Managing Director

Guest Speakers

Jon Dennis

Founder of S6 Photography

Welcome to the third episode of the Venn podcast. Hosted by Venn's MD Brian Whigham, this series aims to inspire recruitment marketers, talent acquisition teams, and agency founders, taking learnings from outside of the industry to improve the customer experience and transform recruitment marketing.

In this episode, Brian talks to Photographer and S6 Photography Founder Jon Dennis about the evolution of corporate photography. In this episode, we explore the importance of professional photography for B2B website design and employer brands. With a focus on the recruitment sector, we discuss the different elements that should be considered when planning, shooting and using photography.

From styling to lighting and location, this episode provides valuable insight for marketing managers and showcases how the right images can communicate messages appropriately and effectively.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Introductions & background of Jon Dennis
  • How to showcase brands and culture through imagery
  • Elements of a successful photo shoot (Lighting, location, styling etc.)
  • Top tips for perfecting headshots and team photos
Watch the video:

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