Core recruitment functionality

Job search, candidate dashboard and CRM integrations come as standard as part of our Recruiter Product.

Sleek Design

Combination of beautifully designed bespoke pages and tried and tested recruitment templates.

Sentinel required a functional website with the capacity for continued optimisation and growth. The site needed to work as a lead generation tool and reference point for consultants when selling their service.

The previous site was no longer fit for purpose. Sentinel’s brief was for a web design and build that would improve the user experience and attract the right people, built with SEO optimisation in mind.

Our in-house rebrand project overlapped partially with the website project. It was very ambitious and meant we really had to rely on Venn to capture our new brand identity. From start to finish it was a true collaboration and we felt able to rely on the expertise of Venn’s team. What we have now is a website that is not just functional and easy to use but has drastically improved session time, bounce rate and repeat visitors to the site. Thank you, Venn. Niyonu Agana, Head of Marketing

Sentinel Launch

The launch of the new site was a fresh start for the Sentinel brand. As an example of one of our Recruiter packages, this website embodies Venn’s 10+ years of digital experience within the industry. Sentinel now have a refreshed digital presence and lead generation tool, powered by Venn's recruitment functionality.

As with all our builds, SEO optimisation was a key consideration. The new website has the ability to track and monitor activity, allowing for continuous improvement. The focus throughout this project was on the candidate and client journeys on the site. By updating the functionality and design, we enhanced the user experience specifically for the recruitment sector. This functionality includes; candidate dashboards, CRM integration and tailored job search.

Sentinel wanted personalised features. To achieve this, we built consultant profiles and created additional fields within the job search for an improved user experience. This, alongside the candidate dashboard, supports the candidate journey.

A future proof website was essential for the Sentinel brand. Well-defined sectors were split out on the site and designed with SEO in mind. This means the site can continue to grow and evolve with the brand itself.

Throughout this build, we faced the challenge of not one, but two rebrands. We needed to provide a consultative aid for Sentinels branding alongside the web build. As the project went on, we continued to clarify the Sentinel experience and build them a site that they can grow into.

Recruiter Core Product

The Sentinel website is a fantastic example of what recruitment brands can achieve with our Recruiter product. Created and perfected over the last 10 years, our recruitment packages combine industry knowledge with the power of our in-house recruitment platforms.

Working with the team at Sentinel, we were able to build a website that converts whilst complementing the new branding. Now they have a functional user-first website that consultants can use as a lead gen tool. Straight away Sentinel saw repeat visits, reduced bounce rates and increased sessions.

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  • A disconnect between brand image & internal values
  • Poor user experience, resulting in low lead generation
  • 10 years of business and industry growth was not reflected on the website
  • Lack of flexibility for business growth & customisation


  • A memorable and modern brand & website
  • Bespoke website design showcasing client success
  • Vertical & regional site structure
  • Optimised market place pages
  • Core recruitment functionality
  • Multi-language country folders

Kate began her journey at MA back in 2019 as the next step and exciting challenge in her recruitment marketing career. Being engulfed by the recruitment industry during University, Kate was keen to continue helping brands stand out and make her mark on the industry. 

What started as a website build, soon evolved into a full rebrand, discovery workshop and web development project. Together, Venn and Montreal Associates took a deep dive into the existing brand. Working with the wider team, we created a brand strategy and website that will continue to grow with the business.

Montreal Associates MAWebsite
Montreal Associates News PagesContent Marketing

With offices in both London and Barcelona, MA wanted to reassess their brand values across their various locations in preparation for future growth. The task was to realign the internal culture with the external brand image and improve user experience. 

MA are a diverse brand with a vibrant culture across Europe, and yet the old website reflected none of their unique values. Over the past five years, they have implemented innovative processes, such as shared parental leave and mental wellbeing sessions. MA are far from your average recruitment company. 

With plans to expand, MA needed a memorable, modern brand & website to reflect their personality. With the goals being to improve user experience and lead generation, design and creativity were vital. The Result: A beautiful new brand, and a flexible website that MA can continue to grow.

Post go-live, we interviewed Kate to get her feedback and opinion on the brand and site launch.

What did you want to achieve from your strategy?

My first aim as Marketing Manager was to find a digital partner that could help us achieve our goals. Being new to the business, I was in a position where I was about to start a project for a brand I didn't really know myself. The brand discovery was essential for me, and I made sure to take it on myself.

The main goals for the project were; to improve user experience, lead generation and technical SEO. The past website was old, and the user experience was terrible. From an admin perspective, we had no flexibility for customisation. The site was nearly ten years old, and the business had grown massively in that time. Not only had MA expanded into new markets, but also the tech ecosystem was rapidly changing. 

Lead generation was an important objective, and a focus on the website design would help us achieve this. The old website was very complicated. It wasn't getting us the right traffic and was not SEO optimised, even simple keywords were not ranking.

From a commercial perspective, we needed to show that we are active across Europe. The new location market pages were an important addition, and making sure they were SEO optimised was essential for our reputation. Now we can show where we are active and rank for location-specific searches in the tech recruitment sector. And it doesn't stop there, the new site also leaves room for us to grow into new markets, continue to showcase results and expand as we become more commercial with our services.

Employer brand was ultimately the reason we rebranded. We wanted to be attractive to a different era of likeminded people. The career site is a current work in progress and due to be launched early this year, but for now, we can clearly share our brand values and attract new talent.

Going into this project, we didn't want our mission to be 'the best one in Europe'. Instead, we wanted to partner with people and brands that share our view and values. We want to help businesses achieve success and give the best service. Venn got this straight away.

In our industry, it's easy to shout about us and our success. Instead, now we have the new site, we want to showcase our candidates and clients and what we can achieve together. Beyond this, we want to set the standard for the type of people we want to work with. We didn't want to come across as typical recruitment and instead took a fresh approach and tried to fit in with 'our people' – the tech sector.

What was your favourite moment during this project?

The discovery of the brand. 

We involved everyone in the discovery project. This created a unified vision of what the brand and website could be. The outcomes from the focus groups and the company-wide feedback we received were the same. Without the discovery, I wouldn't know the business as I do now, so I am very grateful. Our achievements would not be the same without this consultation phase.

How did you view your brand before the project began?

Corporate, typical recruitment.

There was a vast disconnect between the values of the brand and how we were displaying it online. We perceive MA as vibrant, diverse and different; this was far from the brand image that we were sharing externally.

The colours were predictable, dull, and they didn't reflect the drive of the people that work here. From an employer brand perspective, that was a huge issue. We weren't showing off that actually, we are very different from other recruiters. This needed to change if we were to attract the right people.

Montreal Associates

How has the new brand helped reposition you in the recruitment market?

We're now showing that we don't want to follow suit in the recruitment market. We are sticking out for being different, and I like to think that we have achieved that from the brand and imagery.

Now the brand reflects the diversity we have in-house allowing us to attract like-minded people. We aim to fit in with the tech sector rather than the recruitment sector, after all, they are our partners.

Now the website reflects our industry knowledge, whilst having the recruitment functionality to support our customers.

We hope that we attract people and make some noise as a result.

Montreal Associates

What kind of feedback have you received so far?

Great feedback! We expected to have some of our longstanding members feel a bit unsure, as we have taken the brand they knew so well and shaken it up. However, their open-minded approach and love of the new brand was such a relief!

We filmed some of the team seeing the new logo for the very first time to capture their natural reactions. After the initial 'Oh's' and 'Wows' here's what they had to say:

Montreal Associates
Innovative, fresh, forward movement into the present and future.
It's a logo that will be remembered.
It's unique, standout and easy to remember.
I love the explanation, the 1010 of the binary code together creating the logo
Trendy, glamorous and powerful.
I am a really big fan!
The people that we actually want to attract are going to identify with this logo.
It's definitely not blue.

Where do you see Montreal Associates in five years?

We have plans for continued growth and the opening of new offices.

We want to expand both our presence and coverage by increasing our physical locations in Europe. It would be great to see us dominating in the European market, we hope by this point, the brand has really come into its own.

We also want to see the employer brand flourish so we can continue to expand and attract the right consultants to our business.

I can imagine us becoming more streamlined with our services. We want to create total staffing solutions. This will be a 360 service, including staffing, payroll, contractor care etc.

In the future, we want to create deeper candidate engagement and build a community for them. Thanks to Venn, we now have the candidate portal, but we want to take it a step further and build on these relationships.

How did you find working with Venn?

Great! I love the team at Venn.

I'm so gutted that Covid stopped us meeting in person. I was planning regular visits to the Venn office and catch-ups with the project team, sitting side by side with the developers and designers.

Doing everything remote was a big change, but it did not affect the quality. Nothing was sacrificed, and no corners were cut.

Emily, the Project Manager was terrific and the performance marketing team really put the effort in.

We had so many ideas and Venn took the time to listen to us and bring that vision to life.

When I met Brian, the Managing Director for the first time, he made an effort to come down to the office to discuss our goals, objectives and the brand. He had these ideas that got me so excited. It was great to see someone who understood what we wanted to achieve.

I think we've created a fantastic website and a brand that truly resonates with us. It's all to do with the effort from the Venn team, always being willing to hear what we have to say. Being me on my own was daunting, but Venn was so supportive and the organisation was outstanding.

Brian was incredibly supportive in reaction to the stress of Covid. There were times when we were worried the project wouldn't even go ahead, but Venn continued to be the best support system. 

Building a website during Covid has helped me see Venn as a genuine brand. They care about their clients and partners, and I can't wait to come up and see everyone in person!

Why did you choose Venn as your digital partner?

It was down to the values of the business.

My initial conversations with Brian were so promising, he had a real vision for us. It wasn't a case of us saying what we want, it was a team effort. Venn got very involved, particularly in the discovery phase and provided an excellent level of creativity.

The whole team were so willing to understand what we wanted and get stuck in. I didn't see that level of commitment or personal touch with any other agency.

We wanted to do business with someone genuine and someone open to doing things differently. Venn offered a bespoke, flexible service; they didn’t just build us another recruitment website.

I also appreciated that Brian took the time to help me understand Venn as a business and what they are all about. When you let an agency change your brand, there has to be trust, and Brian understood this. The work that Venn put in at the start meant that the project was incredibly successful.


We are thrilled with the results of this project and would like to thank Kate and the entire team at Montreal Associates for going on this journey with us. If you want to learn more about our work in the recruitment sector, visit our recruitment service page.

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