Rather than using saturated mediums such as Indeed or LinkedIn, Petroplan wanted to utilise their own channels and encourage candidates to apply direct on-site.

This allowed Petroplan to grow their own talent pool and attract unique candidates, whilst simultaneously improving the quality of candidates being presented to clients.

The paid media strategy we put together for Petroplan had worked even better than we thought it would! With a structure which targets both active and passive candidates with relevant roles, we were able to keep average costs low and engagement high which ultimately helped drive great volumes of applications on site for a price well below forecast. Lawrence Jones / PPC Manager - Venn

With more companies and roles cropping up every day, more than ever before, Petroplan needed to stand out on all their platforms and marketing channels.

We targeted both the active and passive markets effectively, leading to higher quality candidates for costs similar to the bigger job boards.

01.The Solution

We created a strategy which positioned Petroplan at all the key touchpoints in a candidate’s journey searching for a new role. This included proactively targeting potential candidates on Facebook for a specific role and capturing candidates actively searching for the same role on Bing or Google. This gave Petroplan an advantage over competitors who focus on widely-used recruitment sites or job boards.

This strategy allowed us to target both the active and passive markets effectively, leading to higher quality candidates for costs similar to the bigger job boards.

By targeting generic Oil & Gas keywords we were able to increase brand awareness with those higher up the conversion funnel. We also kept a strong focus on optimising and continuously updating ads to ensure they aligned with current roles matching live job terms.

Through social platforms and Google display campaigns, we remarketed to audiences interested in specific sectors and job types, keeping Petroplan at the front of their minds. Finally, we expanded our reach through lookalike audiences, basing these off candidates who had already converted on-site.

02.The Results

Within a month of taking over Petroplan’s paid channels we saw positive results:

  • Click-Through Rate improve by 122%
  • Applications increased by 261%
  • Cost per conversion dropped by 59%

If we compare our results to the previous quarter, we can see that overall:

  • Applications rose by 151%
  • Conversion rate increased by 98%
  • Cost per conversion decreased by 45%
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