Venn's methodology.

Building a destination that converts is just the first step of the journey.

Venn's strategy focuses on attracting candidates and clients at the top of the funnel with a content-driven approach. Working towards KPIs and measuring ROI at each stage of the user journey allows us to remain agile and monitor progress.

It's our commercial thinking that allows us to create digital solutions to your problems. Our deep understanding of campaign optimisation means no two strategies are the same. Outcomes before outputs is our motto, and it ensures every strategy is centred around your business goals.

Multichannel strategies.

Only by understanding your audience, we can entice and engage through relevant channels.

We show you everything that's possible and work closely with your team to allocate budgets based on your objectives and unique audience personas. What sets us apart is our strategic thinking. It's easy to get distracted by the tactics, but we take it a step back to first look at your business goals, marketing goals and the channels that will deliver the best results.  

Using the wealth of knowledge we have across our multi-disciplined team, we drive results for every brand. Whether you're looking to grow your international reach, expand your client base or attract more talent through candidate campaigns. 

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Strategy is where you're going. Tactics are how you get there.

It's easy to get caught up in the tactics of marketing, but we take a step back to analyse what you're really trying to achieve. 

Think about:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • Why will they buy from you?
  • How do you define success?
  • What problems are you solving?
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387% Increase in revenue.

A content-driven strategy for leaders in talent research.

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01Brand-first approach.

All the marketing in the world can't deliver results if the foundations are not built to scale. We create strategies with a brand-first approach. Through workshops, consultation and design, we help you build a clear and consistent identity for your business. Then we conduct a thorough GAP analysis of your sector, website, brand and marketing activity. We focus on user personas, user journeys, competitor analysis and more to get under the skin of your business. 

02Content-driven strategies that deliver ROI.

Optimised content is essential for engaging and converting clients and candidates. A clear understanding of your audience allows us to create engaging content that targets their pain points, drivers and queries. Through case studies, blogs, downloads and guides, we build brand awareness and reach your audience at every stage of the funnel, nurturing relationships and attracting new customers. SEO is at the heart of everything we produce, helping your brand rank above the competition in search results. With targetted content and PPC strategies, we can get your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

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01Choose from one of our package solutions.

The need for digital and its role changes rapidly, so you need a partner that understands recruitment. We've serviced the industry for ten plus years providing tools to optimise your digital presence, grow your brand and attract candidates and clients. The days of building a website and handing it over are long gone. The best results are achieved when our actions are driven by your goals, combining multi-channel strategies to drive ROI. We hold ourselves accountable for your success and overall growth by servicing your business for the next three years. We pride ourselves on service and have a dedicated support desk available for our package clients.

Whether you're looking for a quick website set-up or a dedicated digital partner, we've got a package for you—no rigid templates, just plans that make sense.

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What our clients are saying.

How did we help Roc?

We designed and built two websites for global recruiter, Roc Search including a standalone careers site to help them showcase their employer brand and attract the best talent to their business. Roc has a strong employer value proposition so ensuring this was well articulated on the site was crucial.

Learn more about Roc Careers

How did we help MRL?

We have been working with MRL on an SEO strategy to gain more brand visibility, increase traffic and drive more conversions to grow their candidate database in the semiconductor sector.

Read the MRL case study

How did we help We Buy Any House?

We Buy Any House wanted to improve their search performance. We created a multi-channel strategy which consisted of 10 key parts and cross-channel personalisation that instilled trust for customers.

Read the case study

How did we help Harvey John?

Following a brand workshop, we outlined Harvey John's proposition and mission statement before designing and building their new recruitment website to reflect their updated brand. Once the site went live we arranged a training session at our HQ to go through the features of the site and our CMS Apteve along with Google Analytics to ensure the Harvey John team knew exactly how to get the most out of their new asset.

How did we help Albert Hall Manchester?

In 2020 we celebrated our 1 year working anniversary with Albert Hall Manchester, owned by the award winning multi concept operator, Mission Mars. Using a paid strategy, we helped them drive more traffic to their website, increasing private hire enquiries by 195% and gainning 75 leads in the first month alone. 

Read the Albert Hall Manchester case study

How did we help Charlton Morris?

Following a brand identity workshop, our design team created a fresh new look for Charlton Morris. As well a new group website, we built editorial style content hubs for Charlton Morris' three core sectors; Industrial, Life Science & Medical.

Read the case study

How did we help RE:NEW?

We delivered a 360-degree relationship in order to help RE:NEW beauty transform from BIO Sculpture GB, creating a brand new concept that better represents their product offering. After conducting a full brand workshop we were able to deliver a clear brand proposition and full digital marketing strategy that resulted in clear, fresh branding and an optimised online presence, designed to grow the training division of the business.

Read the RE:NEW case study 

How did we help Sentinel?

Alongside a rebranding project, we designed and built a bespoke website to reflect Sentinel's IT recruitment expertise. Sentinel now have an efficient and functional site, one that places them as established thought leaders.

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