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As one of the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For, Roc wanted a careers site that reflected their unique culture.

Having already worked with the brand on their main recruitment site, our brief was a bold careers site with a strong design to showcase the benefits of working for Roc.

Fantastic people, creative solutions. Thank you Venn! Daniel Evans / Head of Marketing - Roc Search

Launch Roc Careers

Since we had already worked with Roc on their main recruitment site, we already had a deep understanding of their brand and business. We established that a more 'fun' approach was needed for the careers site, to stand out in a competitive recruitment sector.

The Roc brand already stands out thanks to the use of colour, gradients and bold typography, so to bring that over to the careers website and make it stand out, even more, was a bit of a challenge. We used bigger fonts, angeled assets and more vibrant gradients from their colour palette against background elements to create a more dramatic look that was more engaging yet still consistent for the brand.

We used Bootstrap 4 to ensure the site the design was responsive and mobile-first and SVG/CSS masks to achieve the desired effects on the assets, this ensures that the Roc team can update the content using our CMS without needing to edit imagery.

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Roc CareersRoc Careers
Roc CareersRoc Careers

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