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Vennture CMS is our in-house, exclusive solution for content management. It brings all the tools needed to create, customise and control a website into one secure place, without compromising on functionality or flexibility.

Vennture CMS

Effortless interface.

The simple interface and advanced design features give you full control over every element. You are only limited by your imagination.

You can quickly rearrange your pages with the drag and drop features, as well as clone and duplicate modules and assets across pages or multiple sites. The online media storage also helps you keep track of files that are ready to be used and shared.

Analyse, capture & report.

Our integrated dashboard from Google's Data Studio allows you to monitor performance, spot trends and react. With customised dashboards and reporting, you'll never need to go digging around in multiple places for site data again.

Data captured from forms is stored in the database, so you can easily keep track of anybody who contacted you. This can be accessed and deleted on request in line with GDPR.

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Featured users.

Features & benefits:

  • Module catalogue and optimised page layouts for quick set-up and easy management.
  • Create and edit with ease through the simple to use system, designed for non-tech savvy users.
  • Edit and optimise pages with the drag & drop Interface for content modules.
  • Protect your site with handy revision history and recycle bin.
  • Quickly clone & duplicate pages as your business grows.
  • Store files, videos and images in the Media Gallery and File Manager.
  • Manage your website with Role and Permission control
  • Integration with a wide range of external and internal tools including our Recruiter and Media Hub features.

Hosting & Security

High-performance networks for high-performing content.

Develop, deploy and manage your website in one secured location. The Vennture CMS can connect & manage your code or files in the cloud, meaning simplicity and security for IT teams as no additional software is required.

By bringing every back-end function into one place, Vennture removes the need for different server-side languages, independent software and file transferring suites. It is designed to make even the most technical tasks simpler, with pre-compiled coding, API integration and multi-level user access built-in. A range of hosting options are also available for additional flexibility and security.

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01.Cloud hosting.

  • Managed hosting included in the platform
  • Multiple data centres
  • Geo redundancy and auto-failover
  • Daily backups for disaster recovery

02.Secured access.

  • Platform and sites are SSL encrypted
  • Assign different levels of access for users
  • All changes are tracked
  • Supports multi-sites, so you can access other sites from one user account

Our Work

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01Experience our enterprise level capabilities.

Typically, the boundaries of a website’s content are based on the skill of your developer and the restrictions of the CMS. With Vennture, almost everything to do with the backend coding is automatically generated, and the CMS itself is set up so everything can be broken down into manageable components.

Integrate seamlessly with a wide range of external tools to optimise your experience. If there is an API out there, we can connect to it with ease, allowing you to further enhance your websites and content.

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The Venn support desk.

Experience has taught us that clients often need our support following a website go-live.

Whether it's additional functionality to improve user experience, a new platform that requires integration or enhancing page performance, our Support Desk packages can be tailored to your requirements and budget.

Our dedicated support team work 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday. You can reach us through the easy ticketing system or call us direct. All requests are scheduled for every Friday, where we only service existing client contracts.

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