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Recruiters guide to the new Google Activity Cards

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By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

A recent Google SERP update brings us new features for job, product and recipe activity cards. Mainly being rolled out in the US market to begin with, these changes will help encourage user journey by showing related searches rather than those previously visited, thereby optimising the experience for shopping, recipes and job search.

Activity cards are created from your search history. Each card includes details of your previous searches and site visits. For example, when browsing for a new job, activity cards will appear at the top of the search results to show you top line details such as job title, image, salary & location.

The latest new feature is being dubbed "your related activity".

“This means that if a user has been pulled away from their device, upon returning and doing a similar search, their previous search query will pop-up above the fold, above any other website within the search results, along with relevant content around that specific search query. Albeit, this will only be visible to that user.”

-       Nathan, SEO Manager

On top of this, you will also be able to save related searches to read / review at a later date. Google announced that these changes were put in place to help users ‘Pick up where they left off’ making tasks such as finding your new job easier, allowing you to keep an eye on the latest additions rather than the old postings you were previously looking into.


Why are these new features important?

Not only is this being rolled out for previous searches and product searches, but also for the recruitment space too. With the introduction of Google for Jobs into the search space over two years ago, we are seeing this related feature integrate directly with Google for Jobs. For candidates this means, upon returning to their device, if a user was previously searching for jobs, there's an opportunity for your website to appear within the "related activity" if the site is correctly marked up with structured data. 

"The new features will encourage loyalty and allow users to pick up seamlessly where they left off, especially between desktop and mobile. So if they come across your site on their phone at lunch, they can retrace their steps at home on desktop and find their way back to your site."

- Stephanie Tabah, Client Strategy Manager

What does this mean for your website?

From an organic standpoint and driving the target audience to your site, there's an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Optimise your website to ensure that when a generic search for a job is conducted by the target audience you are appearing within the "related search" over competitors.

The benefit for users includes less wasted time and more clarity on which jobs are new, active and still available for application.

"When you’re hunting for a new job, it isn’t always easy to stay on top of new opportunities, and it can be hard to remember which roles you’ve already seen or applied to. The jobs activity card makes this easier by showing you new, relevant job postings since you last searched. This way you’ll quickly know if there are new opportunities to explore instead of scrolling through old postings.”

-      Google

Do you need to do anything?

This is an excellent opportunity to review your website in-line with what your competitors are doing. Given the current climate, it's a great time to showcase your website within the organic search results, with the addition of Google for Jobs to help improve the performance and conversions of your website.

For advice on how to properly optimise your website in the recruitment space, and the power of SEO for organic search, talk to a member of our team or learn more on our website. We’ve worked with over 200 Recruitment brands to date, so it’s safe to say we know what we’re talking about. Take a look at our case studies to discover how we’ve helped other recruitment brands or get in touch with us today.

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