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Venn News: Promotions, New Starters and Digital Transformation!

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By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

There’s no denying, 2020 has been a tough year for every business. The economy has suffered, forecasts have been masked with uncertainty, and workplaces (or lack of) have been challenged more than ever before.

However, there is some positivity, as businesses build back stronger with digital.

Over the last 10 years we have helped businesses to re-evaluate human centric processes, we’ve built platforms that have automated and outperformed legacy software, and engineered sleek integrations to provide end to end analysis. However, there has always been some level of resistance or lack of urgency at some stage of the process, which is a challenge of any large digital transformation project. in light of the pandemic, what we are seeing now more than ever is a the realisation from brands, that digital transformation is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Not only to increase efficiency and reduce costs, but to survive post and during, a global pandemic.

From B2B trade platforms, allowing customers to connect with wholesalers and stockists, to business meetings over software such as Teams, or the rise in marketing automation, digital can enable deeper customer insight and data driven marketing decisions.

For Venn, there has also been a shift in our behaviour, ensuring we can continue to support our client base virtually, and streamlining our value proposition to make it clear how and where we can add most value to new customers in this brave new world.

The Venn team have shown phenomenal resilience to the change in working habits and continued to welcome onboard several new clients looking to digitally transform with our support.

Over the last few months we’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing projects, have hired three new heads, made two promotions and moved into a new flagship office at Alderley Park. Read on for an update of what we’ve been up to!  


Venn Promotions!

As we head towards the new year, we’ve refocussed our product offering and continued to evolve our tech stack. In order to support our growing client base, we are expanding, bringing onboard new starters and welcoming back a few members of the team.

Here at Venn we pride ourselves on the talent we have in house that allows us to build and optimise our own catalogue of products and digital platforms. In order to be a true product focussed agency, we need a product focussed Project Manager at the healm, and we congratulate Nick Early as he becomes our new “Head of Product.”

Welcome back Leah and Sarah!

In June, we welcomed back Leah Tillyer and Sarah Toms from maternity leave. After returning to a strange new world of work, with initial remote working, they embraced the new normal and dove in headfirst, working hard to implement a new Venn structure and business goals.

As Operations Director (Leah) and Commercial Director (Sarah), they are taking the lead and much of Brian our MDs workload, to allow him to focus on the bigger picture. It’s safe to say he is happy to have both Sarah and Leah back in the business!

"I will work with Product Managers to have a deep understanding of our product portfolio and how they solve market and customer needs, present and future. Help set out and represent the company culture to recruit, train and grow the teams in line with the business vision"

Leah Tillyer, Operations Director


"Part of my new role is to manage new businesses and client relationships as we evolve towards a digital partnership agency approach. Offering bespoke support throughout the 3 pillars of Venn; Consult, Build, Optimise."

Sarah Toms, Commercial Director


As part of our new initiative and future growth plans, we have hired a Non-Exec Director, Jeremy Bygrave. Jeremy has an impressive background in investment and advisory roles, focussing on the tech and digital industry, and joins Venn to provide support and guidance from a fresh point of view.  


New Starters

Joining as our new Finance Manager is Rebecca Shaw. Rebecca brings a range of knowledge and expertise and a passion to reach our goals and grow the Venn brand.


"What a time to have joined Venn Digital! Venn attracted me as I have a desire for the digital world and Venn has it all, from the culture right down to the innovate products that are being developed and the performance marketing results that we achieve. It's such an exciting time despite what is happening in the real world, it's nice to focus on the positive and Iook forward to what the future brings"

Rebecca Shaw, Head of Finance


Over in our brand strategy team, we’ve got a new Head of Brand, Rhiannon Barnes-Powell. Coming from a creative and copywriting background, Rhiannon joins Venn as a Brand strategist for long standing client, Pareto. We are beyond excited to welcome such a talented addition to the client facing squad.


What’s next for Venn…

We are proud to continue to support our team both remotely and in our safe office environment. Our GlassHouse HQ at Alderley Park has given us the option to spread out and remain socially distanced during these challenging times, should the team choose to come in.

Whilst we continue to follow guidelines to keep each other safe, we believe a healthy balance of home and office working has been crucial for the mental health of the Venn team over the past few months. In light of the most recent lockdown restrictions, we will return to remote working until told otherwise, we hope to be back in our treehouse soon enjoying the Alderley Park views.

There’s no way to know what’s round the corner, however we will make sure that once allowed, all our team have access to the office in a safe way when they need some time to focus or a change of scenery, and it’s safe to say, we’ve got some pretty great scenery to enjoy…

As we head towards the new year, there are so many things to look forward to, from new starters to project announcements so make sure to keep your eyes peeled and take a look at our most recent success stories here.

With plans to hire and expand our talented team in January 2021, we would love to invite any passionate digital marketers to see our vacancies and get in touch.

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