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5 Years of Emily!

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By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

The powerhouse that is our Project Manager Emily is celebrating her 5th year here at Venn! Since joining the company as a placement student during university, Emily has worked tirelessly to support our clients, complete web projects and progress to manage her own team.

Emily’s motto is to ‘get shit done’ and it’s her passion and attitude that make our clients so successful. Get to know our PM, discover her favourite projects, and gain important career advice as we celebrate 5 years of hard work.


How has your role evolved during your time at Venn?

I started as a junior tester/PM and now I'm looking after some of our biggest projects, so it’s changed an awful lot!

I’ve also been more involved with our larger retainer clients who are constantly updating and evolving their websites and need assistance to implement those changes.


Talk us through your typical day.

I start the day with a team stand up to ensure everyone has all the information they need to complete their tasks for the day and resolve any issues. Then I’ll spend my morning doing client calls for both current projects and retainer clients.

Afternoons can be a mix of answering emails, writing documentation, more client calls and project scoping. I’m in constant communication with all the team to ensure we can resolve any issues throughout the day and answer any client queries. My day finishes off with checking my to-do list for the next day and making sure I’m prepped for what the day brings.


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt at Venn?

You can’t do everything.

Working at Venn has proved to me just how important it is to have a strong team around you. I can be a little bit of a control freak but learning to accept that I can’t do everything and that there are people behind me willing to help out at any time has been my biggest learning curve.


How does it feel to have worked up to developing and managing your own team?

Pretty good!

I’ve learnt a lot from everyone I’ve worked with throughout the years and been able to cherry-pick all their good qualities whilst establishing myself as a manager in my own right. I love that I am now able to give back to junior team members, mentoring them and giving advance for their careers like Venn did for me when I was fresh out of university. It feels good to help people out in the same way I was.


What do you enjoy most about working at Venn?

I love the variety of projects I get to work on. Every day is different and it keeps things interesting. I also love the team and that we have each other’s backs throughout; we’re able to help each other out when needed and celebrate the wins together. 


Tell us about one of your favourite projects.

There’s been too many over the years!

I love the big, interesting projects that include multiple team members, from branding to designers and developers. Montreal Associates is a great example of this type of project. I also enjoy the ones where we can simply deliver a quality web project like KRG. With clients like this, the project team work hard to deliver a great website. Also have to mention the eCommerce websites we’ve done, in particular Rococo Jewellery, it was nice to have some beautiful products to look at throughout this project!


Describe yourself in 3 words.

Organised, optimistic and open – maybe also a little bit controlling but we’re going for the good points here!

We’re always on the lookout for passionate people to join our growing team. Whether you’re a junior looking for a place to grow or a marketer trying to find you’re next challenge, we’re here to talk. Venn is the place to develop and grow as an individual, with the chance to work on a wide range of projects and campaigns there’s no better place to learn. Check out our current vacancies or get in touch with us today.

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