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Everything you Need to Know About SaaS in Recruitment

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By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

When it comes to recruitment web design, there are multiple options available; brochure sites powered by CMSs like WordPress, SaaS-based platforms, or SaaS platforms that have been designed and built specifically for recruitment.

SaaS within recruitment web design can have a bad reputation. The misconception is that SaaS means template designs and rigid functionality. However, this is not always the case. 

The underlying purpose of SaaS is to provide users with a future-proof solution, making your website as fresh and modern in 5 years as the day it launches. Unlike the old days of web design, where someone would build a website on WordPress and hand it over to you without the proper tools to edit and optimise over time, SaaS is all about investing in a long-term solution. 

In an age where everything from your car to your music is turning SaaS and adopting a licensed-based model, we wanted to address the misconception surrounding SaaS recruitment platforms and discuss the benefits of SaaS recruitment websites. 


What does SaaS mean?

SaaS stands for 'Software as a Service' and has become an increasingly popular licensed-based model across various industries. Software as a service gives suppliers a way of delivering apps or technology via the internet, eliminating the need for installation and manual upgrades. In addition, the nature of SaaS products means they are user-friendly, giving customers a simple interface without the need for complex management or code. Spotify, Netflix and Tesla are just some examples of modern-day SaaS products that factor into everyday life. 

From the supplier's point of view, SaaS means accountability for a product and providing an experience that will continue to evolve with the needs of their customers.


What are the benefits of SaaS recruitment platforms?

The future is SaaS, but what are the benefits of adopting that model for recruitment website design?


Ever-evolving platforms.

Recruitment SaaS platforms are constantly invested in, giving customers access to the newest and most reliable technology. Manual upgrades are a thing of the past; instead, providers can roll out updates so that every user has the same experience. 



When you own your technology or website, it's your responsibility to manage the hosting, security and licensing. However, recruitment SaaS providers take responsibility for these elements and prioritise service and customer experience.


All costs are covered. 

Like with our Vennture platform, most SaaS providers will include costs in the monthly payments, so you don't have to worry about them. Little things like SSL updates, design and developer time and integrations can add up to a lot when paying separate providers.


Value for money.

SaaS offers monthly payments rather than a large upfront sum. While committing to monthly payments for several years may add up to more, the value of the technology and the continued optimisation of your website will save you money in the long run. 


WordPress vs SaaS. What's the difference?

In a previous blog, we looked at how recruitment brands can drive efficiency with a CMS made specifically for the industry. In this piece, we discussed the importance of choosing a supplier that understands recruitment and a platform that supports industry functionality and 3rd party integrations. WordPress continues to be a popular option when it comes to web design however, the lack of freedom or recruitment-specific features, tends to leave marketers frustrated. 

WordPress is a fantastic system; there's no denying its place as a leading CMS and website platform. If you're a developer or have the skills to start from scratch, there is nothing you can't do with a WordPress website. However not many recruitment agencies have those kinds of skills in-house. In comparison, SaaS takes a service-led approach and invests heavily in user experience, ensuring every user has access to the most up-to-date version for maximum ROI.  

With recruitment SaaS providers, the most significant difference you'll see is the sheer amount of deliverables you get. Yes, a WordPress site will be cheaper at first, but what most companies don't consider when embarking on that journey is the added costs associated with add-ons, plugins, hostings and 3rd party licensing. 

Say you want to integrate with your applicant tracking system; that will need added developer time. Or maybe you want to install a new SEO plugin to improve your search ranking; that will be another project and payment added on. Before you know it, you've blown the budget, and in 3 years, you're back looking for a new website because yours hasn't stayed fresh or evolved since it was launched. 

Despite the benefits of SaaS, people are often reluctant to invest due to the cost of ownership. When deciding on marketing budgets and signing off on web projects, managers obsess over wanting to own the site or the platform and feel that SaaS does not allow them to do this. But, with owning something comes accountability. With SaaS, the supplier is fully accountable for the product, service and website, meaning if something breaks, needs upgrading or is not achieving results, it's their responsibility to fix it. 

Choosing to 'own' your website can leave you with legacy tech and no support to help you when the site becomes outdated. 

Investing in SaaS recruitment websites gives marketers more flexibility for optimisation and content management. At Venn, we've invested heavily in our Saas platform to give our customers access to industry-leading tech and take full accountability for the success of your website. Vennture is our recruitment SaaS platform and has been tailor-made for the industry to power websites now and in the future. 

If you'd like to learn more about our recruitment SaaS platform and see a demo of our product, speak to our team today

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