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Maximising CRM Data and Automation for Client Attraction



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CRM Marketing & Automation is the future of marketing; there's no question. But how does it apply to recruitment? In such a sales-based business, where does it fit, and how can we get business buy-in?

In this webinar, Venn's Head of Strategy and special guest Billy Davis from Bullhorn are taking a deep dive into the world of CRM marketing and Automation. 

Using Billy's vast knowledge of recruitment automation, we explore how agencies can maximise efficiencies and increase ROI with their marketing tools. 

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Automation platforms vs products
  • When and when not to use automation
  • Benefits and common fears of automation
  • Getting business buy-in
  • Getting started with automation

Each month we tackle a different topic and invite one of our experts along to lead the session. To join our growing community of recruitment marketers and get direct access to our experts, sign up for the Recruitment Marketing Collective today.

Watch the recording:

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