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The Pit Stop. #11

2 minutes

By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

We’ve made it to double figures!

This is our 11th instalment of The Pit Stop, so let’s make it a good one. Whether you’re here for some branding inspiration or just want an answer that cuts to the chase, we’re here to help.

Recently we’ve had the chance to work on some incredible branding projects, including Pareto and Montreal associates, so where better to start than with our Brand Strategist Rhiannon and a very simple question that is more common than you might think…


Does my brand colour matter?

Rhiannon Barnes-Powell, Brand Strategist

Brand colours, or colours in general, mean different things to different people. Yes, blue can mean calming or reliability but it can also mean cold or feeling blue. It is subjective. Instead of trying to represent your brand with a colour’s idealist meaning, look towards which colours will give you an advantage over your competitors.

What is the age and gender of your target audience? What colours do they like? Is there any cultural data which supports your colour choice? Do you like the colour?

Brand colour matters, yes, but you need to work out who it matters to.

What is search intent?

Nathan Roberts, SEO Manager

Search Intent is the way we measure and define how the user is searching. We break this down into three core parts:

  • Transactional. This relates to users that are trying to find information out regarding “price”, “discount” or “sale”.
  • Navigational. This identifies users that are searching with a particular brand in mind, for example, “Nike shoes size 11”.
  • Informational. This is when a user is typically in the research phase, with no information on price or brand and is trying to find the best product/service for themselves. For example, “best running shoe for men.”


What should I consider when looking for a new CMS?

Emily Sharples, Project Manager

Your CMS supports your website, so the aim is to select one that will make your life easier. A CMS that allows multi-users with different levels of access means that developers can work without disrupting the creation and management of content. You need a CMS that will allow your website to grow and scale, whilst integrating with any existing apps.

And finally, check your platform offers a great support team to answer any questions you have. A CMS could be everything you need, but if it doesn't offer a dedicated support team, it won’t end well!


What is a buyer persona?

Leah Tillyer, Operations Director

A buyer persona is your ideal customer(s). They can be based on who you believe would like to buy your products or services or backed by data. If you’re a start-up you will have spent a long-time building your offering and have carried out research on who your products/services are most suited to. Building a persona(s) can help you to tailor your sales and marketing messages to them.

If you’re well established, you will likely have lots of data on who really loves your products/services. This can come via your CRM, sales team, website tracking etc. and can help you form detailed personas based on fact.


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