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Top 5 Benefits of Careers Websites

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By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

Job vacancies surged past 1 million in September as businesses thrived post-pandemic. As a result, employer brand and careers websites have been a hot topic among HR and recruiting professionals as companies struggle to attract new talent.

With every business searching from the same pool, talent is in short supply. With so much choice available for candidate’s, companies have to work harder than ever before to compete. With the talent crisis showing no signs of slowing down, brands are waking up to the importance of digital and employer brand strategy for attracting and retaining talent.

We’re seeing a rise in demand for digital support to help businesses grow. People are your most valuable asset, so your employer brand should be getting just as much attention as your consumer brand.

We’re keen to help businesses showcase their brands and optimise their online presence for job seekers. With the hiring process becoming more and more digitised, companies are pressured to move away from traditional recruitment and create an experience online for talent acquisition.


What is a careers website?

In short, a careers website is a dedicated platform for employers to engage with potential candidates and post jobs. Powered by recruitment functionality, they allow candidates to apply direct and learn more about your business in the process. In addition, these dedicated destinations offer a window into your business from a candidate's perspective.

Share engaging content, tell your authentic brand story and show why your company is a great place to work. By utilising video, photography and employee feedback, you can create a hub of insights for anyone looking to learn more, apply now or become a brand advocate.


Check out our careers website.

Careers websites consider the unique candidate journey and offer multiple touchpoints to capture active and passive talent. From the content to the applications and job alerts, these sites help push candidates through the conversion funnel.

With a strong employer brand reducing cost per hire by 50%, there’s no denying the importance of careers platforms now and in the future. Still need convincing?

To help you understand the role of careers websites in your recruitment process, we’ve pulled together the top 5 benefits.


1. Control your brand story.

Own your authentic brand story on your dedicated platform. Rank on Google, grow and build out your content without the noise of competitors.

LinkedIn is a great place but does little to reflect your culture and resonate with your audience. According to research, 75% of candidates will research a company’s reputation before applying for a job opening. So, giving users a website where they can learn and read real stories from real employees will support their decisions.

Why throw away your jobs, brand strategy and content on a 3rd party platform when you could create an optimised employer brand hub that you own.


2. Create a pipeline of top talent.

Careers websites are about more than just the immediate hire. By creating an engaging, positive experience, you can build a pool of talent for now and the future.

We like to call them ‘Brand followers’, people that will happily keep an eye out and wait for that perfect role to pop up because they admire your culture and values.

More and more people choose who to work for based on cultural fit over the role itself. So even if they aren’t looking to move right now, you have the opportunity through a careers website to make an impact and stay front of mind.


3. Optimise the recruitment process.

Save money, speed up recruitment and gain more quality applications.

Careers websites don’t replace recruiters. Instead, they streamline and improve the process. 80% of talent leaders say employer brand has a significant impact on their ability to hire. With a clear brand and destination for talent, you give recruiters the tools needed to ‘sell’ your business.

Consultants are salesmen, and what they are selling is your brand and the role. So, give them a helping hand provide a platform that shows your business in the best light.


4. Attract talent direct.

Avoid crowded jobs board and give candidates a place to apply direct. Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor are competitive online spaces. By hosting jobs on your site and investing in your brand, you can create a direct candidate experience. Features such as CV drop, job alerts and job search are standard with a careers site.

Showcasing your departments, locations and benefits means you can drive the right traffic, meaning better quality candidates for your roles.


5. Motivate current employees.

It’s not all about future employees. Post-pandemic, your current staff need a little love too.

Your policies, communities, events, all of this can be hosted on your site for all to see. Employer brand is proven to build team morale and motivate workers as they feel a part of their community. Engage and give them a place to be creative, encourage employees to feed into your employer brand content with interviews and profiles. Showcase the talent within your business and provide them with a platform to shout from.

Whether it’s employee interviews, award wins, or company milestones, your team, want to hear it.


39% of recruiting leaders say employer brand will be a long-lasting trend and a core focus for businesses as they head into 2022. Our approach to careers websites gives companies the tools needed to showcase their unique career offering.

To learn more about the role of careers website in your business, the importance of employer brand and how to optimise your candidate journey, download our guide. 

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