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01What to expect from the Recruitment Marketing Collective

When you sign up, we will automatically sign up for our community events, giving you exclusive access to insights, webinars and Q&A’s with our experts. We encourage all our members to join us live, but you can also watch all session recordings back as and when you need to.

During these events, we share insight and facilitate conversations between like-minded marketers. This is your opportunity to discuss industry challenges and learn what's working well, how different agencies are battling the current market and what you can do to optimise your strategy.  

Community Resources

01.Previous Webinars

In the past, we've covered everything from branding to content and campaign creation. At any point, you can watch the webinar recordings and download the slides to ensure you don't miss a thing.

Download the slides from our past sessions here:

Building Successful Client Attraction Strategies

Does Your Recruitment Brand Matter?

Delivering Effective Content for Client Attraction

Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing for Client Attraction

02.Upcoming Webinars

Once signed up to our community, you'll get frequent emails from us regarding future webinar topics.

Keep an eye on our insights page for more information on upcoming webinars and topics.

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