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06Mar, 2024

Unlocking Recruitment Marketing Opportunities Within Your Data

By The Venn Team

Venn Team


Join us for an exclusive webinar hosted by our Head of Search and data expert, Sara Kavanagh.


The Venn Team

Venn Team

Guest Speakers

Sara Kavanagh

Head of Search

About this event

You've got the data; now, what do you do with it?

Identifying trends, opportunities, and gaps is one of the trickiest parts of data analysis. Knowing where to look and how to interpret your results is crucial for the foundations of a successful strategy. To help you gain analytical skills and understand why seasonality should play a role in your marketing, our Head of Search and queen of data is hosting a live session for the recruitment marketing community.

Join In this webinar Sara Kavanagh will explore how you can dissect your analytics and marketing results to identify gaps and opportunities.

In this session, we will delve into the following topics:

  • Understanding seasonality in recruitmentIdentifying industry and sector events, holidays and seasons that affect your customers and how your marketing can adapt.

  • Finding peaks and dips in GA4 & Google Search ConsoleSpotting trends in your data using our favourite tools.

  • Analysing keyword performanceEffectively tracking keywords, intent and search trends in your specialisms.

  • What is a gap/opportunity? Key takeaways and how to apply them to your marketing reports.

Don't miss this chance to elevate your recruitment marketing game and unlock the full potential of your data. Reserve your spot now for an enriching session with Sara Kavanagh!

Date and time

Wed 06 Mar, 2024
02:00 pm 90 mins duration



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