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Top 11 Chrome Extensions for Recruitment Marketing Managers

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By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

We started with ten, then threw in one more for good measure. As digital marketing specialists, we understand the importance of quick, easy and FREE tools to simplify everyday tasks. 

With new Chrome extensions created every day and new features evolving week by week, navigating various options can be intimidating.

Staying up-to-date with the latest tools is a full-time job, but don’t panic because we’ve done the hard work for you. Our team has collated the top 11 extensions to simplify a recruitment marketing manager's life. In this list, we’ve got some of our favourites as digital marketers, our client's recommendations and some of the tools we use to optimise recruitment website performance.

From creative solutions to digital hygiene assistance and copywriting support, here are our top 11 recommended Chrome extensions to help you level up your recruitment marketing. – The best part is they are all free to use!


1. Grammarly – Grammar & spelling checker.

A copywriter’s best friend! Whether you’re writing a new blog, optimising job descriptions on your website, or posting on LinkedIn, Grammarly provides accurate support for compelling copy and better content marketing.

Grammarly gives you recommendations for:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Tone & styling
  • Clarity & formality
  • Plagiarism
  • Word choice

Reduce the risk of simple errors and improve the quality of your text with suggestions and recommendations. This tool gives you instant feedback saving you time and energy. Use Grammarly when writing job posts, social posts and landing pages for confident writing.


2. Eye Dropper - Identify Colour Hex Codes.

Here’s one for the creatives. 

Quickly identify hex codes from anywhere in your browser with the eyedropper tool. Remembering hex codes is a common struggle among marketing managers, but with this tool, you can simply head to your website and pinpoint the colour you need in seconds. Eye Dropper is great for creating branded graphics and designing a variety of digital assets.


3. Word Tune - Copy Support.


Benefit from an AI-powered writing companion with WordTune. Get suggestions for tone, style and vocabulary to make your copy more compelling. This tool understands what you’re trying to say and provides a straightforward approach to content marketing. This can be hugely beneficial for SEO in marketing, helping your copy read better on Google, causing the search engine to rank your pages higher. 

Use this tool when creating documents, emails and messages for alternative phrases, sentences and words. With Wordtune, you can even translate text from foreign languages with rephrasing suggestions that accurately translate your writing. Save time editing and perfecting your copy with this easy tool.


4. Google Tag Assistant.

Check your Google tag setup and verify various installations on your website. With Google tag assistant, you can check multiple tags to ensure they’re working correctly, including Google Analytics, Adwords Conversion Tracking, Google Tag Manager, etc.

You can use Google Tag Assistant to troubleshoot these connections and identify any errors, with suggestions for improvement and how to fix issues.


5. Wappalyzer - Technology Profiler on Sites.

Ever wondered what technology your competitor has set up on their recruitment website?

Quickly identify technologies and platforms with the Wappalyzer technology profiler. This extension shows you what websites are built with, including the CMS, eCommerce platform, Javascript and more.

Wappalyzer gives you loads of information on websites from various categories, including programming languages, analytics platforms, marketing tools and CRM systems.


6. Moz bar.

SEO made easy.

Mozbar is an all-in-one solution for SEO research. Get instant access to website or page metrics while viewing any site on SERP. Get a better understanding of link building in SEO, the SEO quality of a page or entire site and easily compare sites against each other.

With Mozbar, you can:

  • Access domain and page authority metrics.
  • See how your competitors are using keywords on any page.
  • Identify the types of links on a page broken down by followed, no-followed, external, or internal.
  • Export analysis of SERP.


7. Vidyard – Creative video content & screen recording.

An easy way to film yourself, your screen or both to create captivating webinar-style videos. 

Vidyard offers a free tool for creating and sharing videos, making communication with your customer or internal team easy. 

This tool is easy to use and can connect directly to your emails and social media for simple sharing. Embed your videos on your website, edit, trim, customise, and analyse video performance. The analysis features show you who’s watched your video, how long for, and if they clicked.


8. Pixel Tracking Checker.

Similar to the Google Tag Assistant, these tools focus on social pixels, identifying what is set up on the site, allowing you to troubleshoot any issues and receive guidance on how to fix errors. There are Pixel Tracker Checkers for Twitter and Facebook.

Using these tools, you can debug your pixel installations to help you optimise the success of your social ads setup.


9.  User-Agent Switcher for Chrome.

Test how your website looks on a variety of user agents. 

A user-agent refers to a string of text identifying the browser and operating system to the webserver.

This tool is essential for websites that need to be optimised for mobile and desktop browsers. Mainly used when developing a site, this tool lets you quickly switch between user-agent strings. In addition, this extension mimics all other scenarios to make sure your website works for all users no matter how they access your site.


10. Lighthouse extension.


Lighthouse is an automated tool for website performance analysis. With this extension, you can run tests on your website to accurately see the quality and correctness of your pages.

Track your site speed and accessibility and make sure you’re in line with best practice guidelines. By doing this, you can ensure your site is user-friendly and ranks well in search engines. In addition, Lighthouse gives you complete reports and recommendations for how different website elements can be improved.


11. Online UniConverter.

Get your files website ready with this easy tool for videos and images. A common cause of slow site speed is large images and videos. With Online UniConvertor, you can easily compress files, including video, photo and audio, in over 1000 formats. Then, download these files directly, upload them to your site or save them in Dropbox.

Chrome extensions are there to make your life easier, and with more features released every day, it’s essential to keep up to date with the latest tools. If you’d like to learn more about our approach to digital marketing in recruitment, speak to an expert today. 

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