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Venn Launch a New Suite of B2B SaaS Products

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By Maegan Sullivan

Marketing Manager

We’ve updated our website, refreshed our logo, and brought a whole host of new B2B SaaS solutions to market. So it’s safe to say it’s been a busy year.

After months of hard work, £250,000 investment and a few sleepless nights, we’re thrilled to be able to share our new SaaS platform Vennture. Designed and built by our incredible product team, the single sign-on Vennture platform has been created for the B2B sector and offers a new seamless system for marketing managers. Initially launching for recruitment agencies and businesses looking to enhance their employer brands, the platform contains several apps that power industry processes. These apps include; Vennture CMS, Vennture Recruit and Vennture Media Hub plus an exciting new product for dedicated Careers Websites

What’s changed?

Over the last 12 months, the Venn team has been through a transitional period. We’ve welcomed new talent and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to meet the rising demand for digital.

“This past year has been a chance for us to take stock and, like a lot of business owners, stop and look inwards. What’s our product? Is our process clear? For Venn, it’s given us the time to get laser-focused on our product and our business. Despite the sad side of the pandemic, Venn has come out stronger, clearer and better than ever before.” – Brian Whigham, Managing Director.

It’s an exciting time here at Venn, driven by the demand in the market for digital products that convert, engage and enhance brands. As a result, we’ve evolved our platform, products and packages to support business growth.

For the last ten years, Venn has been known for its quality service and creative minds. As we move to become a product-led service business, our customers can expect the same quality service, the same friendly team (plus a few new faces) whilst benefitting from an exciting new range of digital solutions that drive business results.


What is Vennture?

Vennture is a SaaS platform designed for the B2B industry. Built to meet the growing demand from companies looking to attract and retain talent, Vennture will power our digital products to give marketing managers more freedom, connectivity and security than ever before. Whether you’re in recruitment, eCommerce or simply looking to grow your brand, Vennture can help scale your business.

“Our experience within B2B and specialist knowledge in building bespoke platforms that solve business problems makes us a safe pair of hands. We build safe, strong, GDPR compliant, scalable and robust digital products. Our platforms can handle high volumes of traffic and conversions. We have over 200 websites sat on our current system, and we want that to scale beyond.” – Leah Tillyer, Operations Director.

Once known as Apteve and Revolve, our in house tech stack has now evolved to become a single sign-on platform. A place that offers more freedom, creativity and insights for marketing managers. 

As we first launch, our products include Recruitment, Careers, eCommerce and Brochure websites, all of which are powered by Vennture.

Alongside our platform and product launch, we have also optimised our commercial offering to provide flexible package options for our customers. We combine tech with marketing strategy to offer package solutions that target your business goals and achieve maximum ROI. Learn more about our recruitment packages and marketing packages.


What’s next for Venn?

Digital doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. Today it’s recruitment agencies and careers websites, but with the Vennture platform, we now have the foundations to launch our B2B Trade platform in early 2022 and continue developing digital solutions that solve business problems.

By creating an area for client feedback on the Vennture dashboard, we wanted to build a community that allows our current and future customers to be a part of this journey. We work hard to understand market challenges and build products that support business growth, but we can’t do that without you!

With the support of our team, our customers and market demands, we’re excited about what the next 10 yrs hold for all.  

We’ve seen incredible feedback so far and look forward to the success that Vennture can bring to our clients and community.

We’re always open for a chat, so no matter where you are on your digital journey, we want to hear from you. So, either get in touch to learn more about our product, platform and packages or book a demo of Vennture today to see how it could work for you. 

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