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3Search designed a library of client success stories with a search filter function to give prospective customers a wide range of proof to explore and consume. 

Agile homepage carousel

3Search utilised our Vennture building blocks to create an engaging homepage that directs traffic toward campaigns, reports, and guides, resulting in lead generation. 


3Search first reached out to Venn with plans for a flexible new site that could improve awareness for their core areas of expertise across candidate applications, client enquiries and internal recruitment.

Back in 2022, the existing 3Search site struggled to rank for job-related search terms and lacked depth throughout its core sector and service pages. For the marketing team, not only was this affecting the ability to drive organic performance, but it was also not giving them the flexibility needed to showcase content, case studies and campaigns to drive marketing-generated leads.

3Search identified three clear goals for this project; The first was to increase the overall keyword profile and organic website traffic. The second was to increase CV applications and goal completions across the site. Finally, they needed a site that could deliver client enquiries and drive ROI.

With the desire to design a site with the flexibility for easy editing, allowing them to continue to build out new landing pages over time, 3Search selected Venn as their partner to benefit from the SEO expertise of our team and the endless opportunities of the Vennture platform.


Overall, partnering with Venn has helped 3Search design a future-proof site and hone in their strategy to maximise results. Their website is now more visible and user-friendly, and they are receiving more leads across their expertise and industries.

Website Design & Build

We kicked off the project with a discovery session to inform the site structure, brand identity and design elements that would be the foundations for the new site. From a design standpoint, professional photography and videography beautifully represents the company and brand. Our designers incorporated the striking pink brand identity across the site and maintained the use of the logo overlay throughout the pages for consistency.

Working with the 3Search team, it was clear that the landing pages needed building out in order to showcase their areas of expertise, services and industries. Our copywriters honed in on the expertise and industries to produce optimised content that would rank and build authority for the pages.

Thanks to our carefully crafted process, the 3Search website build ran smoothly to deliver a best-in-class recruitment website. Using the SEO blueprint created by our strategists, we expanded the site, adding more depth across their landing pages and giving us the best foundations for future marketing.

Optimised URL structures, SEO copywriting for core landing pages and best practice technical setup ensured the site was set up for success, boosting performance immediately after launch, before any content was published.

SEO was extremely important to us, and the platform started delivering on those results the minute it was launched. Generally, the platform is very flexible, and we are easily able to build pages and content to our liking. We have found working with Venn’s Support Desk Manager really smooth. We have regular calls to manage expectations on both sides. He makes good recommendations for our problems and goals. Catherine Henderson, Marketing Director at 3Search

Boosting visibility for Contracting Recruitment and eCommerce

In Q1, the goal for the 3Search website was to Increase organic traffic in the key area of contracting recruitment. Due to the business wanting to take advantage of the booming contractor space and build its portfolio of contractors, the flexibility of the Vennture platform and targeted content approach was crucial. 

3Search's strategy focused on producing client and candidate-focused content to answer search queries that these audiences were asking while increasing the number of contract-related keywords the website is ranking for. Guides, technical page setup and frequent audits allowed us to optimise and maintain the health of the 3Search website, keeping Google happy and improving the amount and quality of traffic. As a result, the pages ranked on pages 1 and 2 for keywords such as Becoming a Contractor, Contract Recruitment and Hiring a Contractor. 

The flexibility of the Vennture platform has helped to drive authority to the main landing pages through clever internal linking, allowing organic traffic to find 3Search’s expertise pages. In Q1, the total number of keywords increased by 128%, organic sessions increased by 94% and organic goals completions, including candidate applications and client enquiries, increased by 103% YoY.

In Q2, the business priorities changed, meaning 3Search's attention pivoted to focus on client attraction and supporting the generation of enquiries through the site. To align with the business goals, 3Search wanted to focus on the eCommerce area of expertise to improve visibility. 

To support this goal, we created evergreen content, prioritising the internal linking to these eCommerce pages. By building out job landing pages, we were able to build more authority to this area of the site. 

Continued evolution and proactive support

Vennture allowed 3Search's internal marketing team to be agile and adapt the site to support the varying market conditions. With the easy-to-use content management system, the team could easily switch out the homepage hero banner to showcase their latest campaign, update case studies and add new content.  

We’ve been inspired by the way the 3Search team have utilised the Vennture platform to continuously evolve their site since launch and maximise the candidate and client experience. Working with our support desk team, 3Search have built out new landing pages, integrations and additional building blocks to optimise the user experience.

Working with 3Search, we've created a new case study landing page, including a filtered search for a better user experience. We've also added liquid building blocks to allow them to showcase different case studies on specific sector and industry landing pages, meaning users are consuming content that is relevant to them.

This proactive support is the foundation of a successful partnership. We enjoy regular meetings to discuss new ways to improve user experience and support their goals to become client-focused and drive more leads.

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